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Draven build.

Jun 10, 2012 11:56 pm

Draven is the newest Attack Damage champion released by RiotGames. Draven is similar to every other attack damage carry champion in the game, build wise.

Like every attack damage champion, Draven should start out with:
and 3 .

If you have a healer that has a healing ability, you can choose to go if you feel you won't get ganked.

After farming a while, at 10 minutes you should have

and a for sustain. You should only go vampiric scepter into a if you feel you need the sustain in team fights. Other than that, you should always go . Infinity Edge is best if you have a team that can protect you in team fights while you chip them down.

After the laning phase ends, after you either go your or , you should start building a for extra movement and attack speed. Thats the common build one should go.
At this phase, you should have
a boots, mostly likely . With 2 dorans, IE, or blood thirster, and Phantom dancer. This is the point of the game where you choose to complete another major item such as bloodthirster, IE, or last whisper.

The only time you need last whisper , is if the enemy team is building tanky against you. If they aren't it's best to go the highest damage build. At this point in the game, your build should mainly be done with more IE, bloodthister, last whisper, or another phantom dancer based on your situation with the enemy team's build.

tl;dr post: Game builds if you ever reach mid to late game.

Against a squishy team:

Against a team with armor:

Against a team with a lot of cc (crowd control):

Against a HEAVY AP Team with stuns:

If you are ever farmed and fed enough, one should always sell the two one has and start building into a:
, , ,

Summoners:     or
What is better, heal or exhaust?
It's always best to go heal if you're the ad. Your support should go exhaust. You should get heal because you know when you're going to die, so you can heal bait the enemy if you choose to do so. Exhaust is usually picked if you have a healer support such as soraka.

Flat attack damage will do wonders in the early game. It is expected that you will last hit better with attack damage runes. The flat armor and flat magic resist should sustain you in lane from any ganks or harassment.

The simple 21-9-0 masteries will do. You want to go the damage build with the armor pent mastery.

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Jun 15, 2012 3:38 am
I don't tend to go defensive on my AD Carrys as I trust my Support and team mates to keep me safe

I prefer some unity like move speed an some mana reg on then I find it help so much more.

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    Jun 15, 2012 6:42 am
    No matter what you should start with boots because it helps to catch your q.



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