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Girls and League of Legends?

Oct 19, 2011 11:18 am
So this Thread already existed on the Lol Forums (german one here: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=10274&highlight=weiblich) And the conclusion they came to, was that there aren't many
female palyers and even less are playing on Pro-Level.

There is a german clan thought:
The Thorny Honeys, but I can't judge how good they play.

So why aren't there many girls in LoL?
I can only speak from my experience and maybe what i can see on forums and
happening to my friends who played with me some time ago.

1. Community

I used to be really bad in LoL and at start I didn't know much about the game. Same goes for my friends.
When we started lots of ppl flamed us for being nooby and stuff (that was when we were summoner lvl 3-10).

This guy cries bout a bad community and his behaviour is the perfect example
for a 'bad player'. Flaming+Crying makes u bad, if youre annoyed by 'noobs'
then get some friends and play a premade ranked match.

Also enemies often insult us after games which we loose/win.
This stuff happens to everyone i guess. But as a girl it may hit you harder and girls tend to be more emotional.

And my friends quit cuz they got that shiat everyday they played.
What I wanna say is that LoL doens't really have a nice community.
So less girls play compared to other game genres.

There are also prejudices about girls playing LoL bad (generally).
Those reasons above will make it hard for you to find girls ingame.
And the fact that so many naughty kids which go through puberty play LoL
and jump at any opportunity to talk to a girl playing LoL.

I made the experience, that you either are insulted for being gay if u play
with a girlish nickname and only female champs with skin and they say you are
a faker.

Well I can only talk for the EU WEST server though, cuz I play there most of the time.

2. Game

The game itself isn't really made for girls too. There may be some sexy/hot skins and heroes, but where is
the small cute pet, the fancy dresses or the cute mounts?

You have to pay riot points for the skins and msot of them aren't cute.

Wheter KogMaw is cute or not is everyones personal choice xD

And the stuff I mentioned above is often important for some girls (for example those who play games such
as Luna Online/Grand Fantasia).
And LoL is a 100% PvP game and some girls just don't like pvp and rather go hit some minions without being
chased down by a kogmaw or whatever (guess they should play Hello Kitty Online as many ppl use to say xD).

Also the length of a game is influencing the girls choice of game. For example
many (and i mean MAAAAANYYYYYY) girls play facebook/browsergames.
Cause they can play TOGETHER with their friends working towards an unknown goal (Farmville/Cityville), making
a town after their liking or stuff like that.
And they don't have to use a full 30mins or more for a round of Lol, they can do it while they work on sth else.

3. Pro-Level

Boys play to be the best. Girls play to have fun and have something to laugh about.
While many boys play to reach the top level and play LoL competetive, girls tend to
play it casually and have some fun when we aren't on a shopping tour/having fun
with the bf/ school or work.

But LoL is a competetive game, you play to compare your skills to others. If your skill isn't good you loose
(well depends on the team too).
Girls get bored easily i guess (or is it just me?), and palying the same maps over and over won't make the
game more interesting, like a MMORPG where you can find new stuff everyday or work towards a goal to
get a new armor set (something visual).
In lol you level up for the runes/skills/ip and so on, but nothing which changes the appearance of your character.

So only a few girls make it to the top such as Rionaaa. Just like there are some girls playing Shooter games
and stuff like that. There aren't many and it is not the majority of the girls but they exist.

So all this makes Lol really unattractive for female players and if you find a girl (which will be kinda hard), then pls don't follow this video xD


I love solomid and this video is jsut too mcuh fu nand made me laugh so hard ;D
If u try hit on a girl you shouldn't do what he does haha xD

So what is your opinion on this?
Do you have experience with those sitatuions?
Do you think my thoguhts are right?
Do you wanna add something?
Feel free to write a comment and discuss about it :D

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Oct 19, 2011 12:33 pm
it all depdns on the type of person they are and the type of game they like to play. How much girl and how much boys in a game doesn't really matter.

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    Oct 20, 2011 5:12 am

    Anyway its true that not many girls play Lol. But if i remember right o_o most girls that play rts/fps/mmo games usually kick ass @_@. (Yes i've been beaten by loads and loads of girls in all games i played)

    That video of creepy yet hilarious in a way

    Oct 20, 2011 6:34 am
    Games should not pander to a demographic of gender. League of Legends was created by original DOTA developers to the demographic of MOBA players, not males or females individually. There were/are female DOTA players and same as LoL, and there always will be, is the scale shifted in one direction more than another? Of course, majority of the games are in that sense and to be frank Riot has much more important issues than to focus on the gamer girl demographic. League of Legends is the fastest growing eSport in the world right now, in the short span of about 2 and a half years they are able to play on the same stage as Starcraft players which has had a solid foothold for over a decade, for Riot to stop on the road that they are going and make this game more casual would be a bad idea.

    But wait, the competitive scene is less than a % of the population (Most pro players are platinum, S1 platinum percentage was around .43% i recall), shouldn't Riot think of everyone then?

    The competitive scene has the biggest impact on the community as a whole, over half the players who play LoL will answer you if you ask who is HotshotGG? Where does our meta game come from? Where do our bans come from? Where do all the funny LoL videos and Dyrus trolling videos come from? Everything trickles down to the 99%, and it trickles down FAST.

    So does Riot Games League of Legends not pander to the female graphic?
    To answer it, it doesn't pander to the female audience any more than the male audience, its all just based around the demographic of MOBA players who just want to play a good MOBA.

    <My 2 cents on what i believe Riot needs to focus on rather than, i want a cute skin so i won't get bored with LoL bc i am a girl>

    -Stable servers that can house everyone
    >Riot had to split the European servers to keep up with the influx of players they were getting there

    -Employ more employees
    >Less than a year ago, i was reading that Riot only fully employed some what of around 200 staff members across all fields, and for a game of this proportion you need at least double that to keep up with the community

    -Keep up with patch notes
    >Lets face it, there will come a time when champion releases, balance changes will slow down from their bi monthly schedule. LoL is as of now around the amount of champions DOTA had left off with, and if Riot keeps on being consistent then we will have an addition 24 champions by Season 3.

    -Add variety
    >Riot needs to take a second look at their champion designs and what works and what doesn't with the way the game is heading. Season 1 had a major problem with this, the majority of champions released were Bruiser champions that were stock heroes compared to each other. Only recently has Riot began to employ innovative thinking in their designs for top lane champs (See Riven and Talon)

    Oct 20, 2011 6:38 am
    Where do you think i wrote Lol should focus on making this a girls game?
    This thread is about WHY female palyers tend to paly other games isntead of Lol, sicne some thread on the official forum asking fir this topic caught my attention.
    I never asked for Lol being for girls, I just stated that it doesn't appeal to them XD


    Under construction...
    Oct 20, 2011 6:55 am
    I never focused my argument towards you in specific, consider what i wrote an open letter to anyone who wanted to post and argue we should make the game cutesy. I mean other than the fact you are stating the obvious just as much as if i were to ask why Nail Saloons don't appeal to guys as much, it should be more manly? I just think that its something culturally that everyone realizes, guys will always have more Xboxs and PS3s and Wiis then women. I just feel like this discussion has no argumentative sake, no new observational insight, or anything of the sort. Maybe the conversation can be geared towards something more non one sided?

    Oct 20, 2011 9:44 pm
    Well that's true that not many girls play this game.
    But you do run into one now and then. In fact, in the group i'm playing with we do have 2 females there so yeah. lol
    I guess it's just that it's more rare that girl start the game by herself, like without friends or anything. Because I did manage to invite a girl to play this game before.

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      Oct 20, 2011 10:16 pm
      Girl in mmorpg dont exist

      G.I.R.L = guy in real life

      if your look for girl go on facebook or dating site mmorpg not place to do this

      Oct 20, 2011 11:10 pm
      Nah there are many girls in mmos. And yeah there are wayy too many G.I.R.L.S

      Its kinda easy to figure out if its a girl or a guy cosplaying as a girl :P. Girls are more closed up in games then guys o_o (You can add any guy to your friends and look after a week your both practically drinking buddys yet even after months most girls would just keep the distance of friends instead of pushing you and/or faking that they love you.just to get a thing or two from ya).

      Btw don't be a sexist XD . Saying that girls can only use facebook or some dating sites is rather wrong .Since many girls that i know kick ass(Without mercy ) in many games even in most shooters since girls>guys in all fps/tps games o_o.

      Oct 20, 2011 11:23 pm
      at one point, i wanted to play LoL cos i couldnt find a good game to play with my bf.
      but then he told me that LoL is exactly as you described. Especially about being flamed for doing a single mistake, regardless of your rank/lvl.
      When he told me ppl tend to do that.. i was like...
      nehhhhhhhh F that Sh*it, lol

      I like the way you think, girl! lol

      Oct 21, 2011 12:14 am
      i'm a guy and i want u in my game on my team right now. LOL (going thru puberty.)
      so true though, i know how they feel when people flame them. if i was a girl i would quit too, but since i'm not i jsut ignore or flame them back. :p

      Oct 21, 2011 2:18 am
      Is funny because I mostly every match I do, I found someone falming, or raging or saying noob.

      I guess you have to deal with it in this game.

      No one starts knowing how to play, yesterday I did a game, was trying to jungle with Riven for the first time ( first tiem jungling aswell xD) and I died 2 times cause of minions xD, funny thing was that enemy team were cracking up cause of that. xD

      I kinda like the game, community could be better but you also foudn good people, is only that there are to many kids playing (nowadays kids seems to be from another dimension, I wasn't like that when I was a kid =3).

      Btw I don't find  Kog Maw cute it at all, I really hate that guy xD

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        Oct 21, 2011 4:50 am
        True not many girls play lol, but its not rito games fault. Lol is desing to target boys but i guess they can chang it a little bit so more girls play. Also a lot of the people on lol are jerks or little kids, who doesnt think about other people. My advice to players is dont get to to caught up in the game, its just a game it wont really benfit you in any way so if other peolp do bad dont dont b a little bitch and whine about it just keep playing. also dont get mad at teamates if they are having troble help them out. remember lol is a team game it takes 1 to lose but it takes 5 to win.

        Oct 21, 2011 5:20 am
        The cute hero and monster???? LOL!!!! If you see a lady playing lol... chances are that she is having issues with her father, brother, boyfriend or son... and wants to wack him in the game....

        For the most part, gaming is a thing for dudes... with only a few exceptions... (looking at the sims)... oh wait!!!! and the OP is another one......


        Oct 21, 2011 6:19 am
        Well many people in LoL do tend to be a overly aggressive but it's just the type of game LoL is, very competitive. So everyone tends to over do things or say things in a heat of the moment so to say. I used to play on EU server and there are a lot more of people like that, so I just switched to US and there are still people like that but less of them. So if you feel like playing why not try US server.

        Oct 21, 2011 7:45 am
        If I were a girl in the LoL community I wouldn't want to be noticed cuz there's so many 12 yrs olds or guys acting like them. Girls do play, they just care what guys think. Example would be 2 of my friends who play.

        Oct 21, 2011 8:12 am
        Thanks for all the people taking part in this discussion and it is really interesting to know other people's opinion about this^^
        keep it up and i hope noone is offended by my post it is
        jsut my view of lol and i do still play it active, just lately more into hon, since they flame less^^

        And often real girls who don't wanna be noticed as female just play with boyish char and name hehe^^


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          Oct 21, 2011 8:15 am

          Seems to be a very sexist topic there, bud.

          Oct 21, 2011 8:18 am
          Would you mind to explain why?


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          Oct 21, 2011 9:51 am
          Sorry my french isn't thaaat good, I am not sure if i get what u wanna say.
          Can you repeat it in english?


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