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[AD] GrandMU Season IX | x1000 Exp | Fun Balanced Server

Apr 13, 2017 4:37 pm

Balanced new server open for players to enjoy. We are still a new server but we want to provide a fun environment with changes from player suggestions. Players can earn their gear so they can enter a class-balanced PvP or PvM Bossing. Here is some information about our server. Important Notice: I do want to notice that big credits should be given to this community and mostly IGCN's season 9 episode 5 files, without them this server wouldn't have been like this!

Server Links
- GrandMu Website
GrandMu Forums
Server Features
- Version: Season 9 (IGCN)
- Experience Rate: 1000x
- Item Rate: 100x (High Exc Rate)

- Max Level: 400
- Max Master Level: 330
- Master Experience Rate: 30x
- Max Resets: Unlimited
- Max Stats: 65535
- Keep stats on reset: Yes
- Reset rewards: 5 WCoin each reset, 1200 WCoin each Grand Reset (50resets)
- Stats per level: 5/7

- Webshop: Disabled - we only use itemshop in-game (press "X")
- Itemshop: Several EXP boosts, lv3 Wings, BoK for random exc+socket items

- MuHelper level requirement: 10
- Ingame commands: Enabled
- Events: Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Devil Square, Illusion Temple, Kanturu, Raklion
- Castle Siege: Active

- Bosses: Kundun, Medusa, Lord Silvester, Selupan
- Boss respawn rate: Fast (each hour)
- Level Up Spots visible on map: Yes

- Jewel of Soul rate: 75% (without luck)
- Chaos Machine rate (up to +15): regular rates +10%
- Jewel of Harmony rate: 70%
- 380 options: Available
- Seed Sockets: Available, All sockets (even max level) earn-able
- Chaos machine rates:
+10=90%, +11=80%, +12=70% +13=65% +14=55%, +15=40%
Server Screenshots:
Spots Visible in-game Press TAB ingame to open the transparent map. This map will contain all possible spots to level up!

Gens PvP System Join a Gens and fight the opposite Gens in several maps. Vulcanus, atlans, aida for example.

Selupan Once you get your first few resets, attempt to fight Selupan for excellent + socket items.

Kundun Buy Kalima Ticket in Lorencia Bar to fight Kundun (7) for ancient items!

CashShop We use our ingame CashShop, press X ingame to open this. You can spend WCoin here on Rare Item Ticket (FO items)

Elemental System and Excellent+Socket Combine or upgrade your pentagram or errtel! We also have socket + excellent items from Bosses, Box of Kundun (buy in CashShop).

MUUN System Get your ingame MUUN pet to follow you on adventures and give boosts!

CashShop - Goblin Points Convert WCoin to Goblin Point on website to earn yourself 3rd Level Wings (+options)!

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Apr 20, 2017 3:07 pm
Links updated more screenshots added

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