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Warius Premium MuOnline | Season 12 Part 1-2 | x1000 Pure PvP - Launch 21 July

Apr 1, 2017 12:08 pm

Warius - young, ambitious MMO-game project focused on the English-speaking audience, created by well talented and experienced developers in the field of MMORPG featuring professional technical support. Latest features of the gaming universe, creative innovations, a revolutionary approach to the old content - all that can be found on Warius. Our project presents you Asteria x25 and Genesis x1000 rate servers with a unique reset system, dynamic experience and rewards. The more you play with it, the more interesting it gets.

Website features
The original Achievement system, which is divided into 5 levels of difficulty, adds variety to the gameplay and makes it more interesting. These are various game trials, completing which will grant you different advantages, including game currency. A unique feature in the form of buildings and castle management diversifies the main event - Castle Siege, making it even more exciting and interesting. After each successful siege, the winner gets access to a special interface on the website where he can build constructions and get profit from them as in the well-known Heroes of Might and Magic game. The Forge, which was created by the demands of players, is available for anyone and anywhere. By ordering an item, you get to choose all the options you want as well as other characteristics. The character auction allows you to safely sell or buy highly leveled or even well-equipped character. The auction works based on the lots and rates, and sometimes a real fight starts for a single character. Insidious system of character full scanning added, from which no one can hide. Almost all the data is available about each character in the web through search or by tracking his nickname in the rankings. Market, where you can sell or buy any items from other players, has quite handy filters, through which even the trading process appears as a separate gameplay element. VIP - a special status, which can be obtained by spending a good amount of time in the game, contains many useful functions starting from simply removing PK status up to "invisibility". User friendly website with lots of other small features. Since a large part of gameplay is tied to it - we have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay on the Web component of our project.

Warius MU Online website: Warius MUO
Our community / forum / support: Warius Forum
Registration: Sign Up - Warius MUO
Download game: Files - Warius MUO

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May 7, 2017 7:48 am
Asteria x25 Server will be launched on May 25 at about 20 server time.

MMOsite Special Offer

    May 8, 2017 11:01 am
    Dear players,

    New server presented by Warius project is coming very soon! We're ready to give you something special, something that you won't found among the endless grey mass of other MU Online servers.

    Firstly, Asteria x25 has been not left without innovations, in which we will realize an old dream of each fan of this game. It's about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only, and speculations on personal well-being will no longer be relevant. Only honest farm, fair PvP and complete satisfaction from the game process!

    Secondly, to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Asteria x25 introduces you a new innovation - progressive reset system, meaning that each month a new reset limit will be revealed. More information on our website.

    Kind regards,

    May 15, 2017 1:58 pm
    Dear waiters,

    It's important to know that Asteria will have a limited in-game shop and by that I mean no brown and pink panda rings, no ruud, no chaos cards, only few exp boost items and talismans. In fact, our seals gives only an extra 20%, maximum 30% experience boost. Nevertheless, for those who used our x shop services, they will be slowed down with our progressive reset system. Progression can be seen below:

    Reset limit 10 - From the launch day.
    Raised to 20 - June 25, 20:00 server time, after first siege fight.
    Raised to 30 - July 25, 20:00 server time.
    Raised to 40 - August 25, 20:00 server time.
    Raised to 50 - September 25, 20:00 server time.

    In addition, we will set limit per pc - 3. Asteria non-donate server is all about real play2win experience. So get ready to embark on this summer journey with us.

    Kind regards,
    Warius Staff


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