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Inferno Shadow Upgrade Guide

Aug 26, 2012 4:08 pm
For all you guys nearing level cap, I think it's in your best interest to read this :3
Especially if you want to make your weapon more awesome!
I'm not anywhere close though! xD Still in my 60s (lol sounds like I'm talking about my age). But anyways the lovely gms of Forsaken World have given us another guide so here it is!

Inferno Shadow Upgrade Player’s Guide
Guide by: Michael Charlow
Source: http://fw.perfectworld.com/news/?p=652041

Tips: If you don't want to stop on this long journey of weapon reforaging I suggest you prepare 4,800 Brilliance of Glory (obtained from Frostgale Fjord) ahead of time. And you'll also need to defeat a miniboss along the way and go to Tomb of Glory. So do this on a Saturday or whenever your friends are on.

Welcome once again to another installment of the Player’s Guide to all things Eyrda! The subject of today’s post is the quest to unlock the ability to reforge your Inferno Shadow weapons! This is a long one, so I hope you’re ready!

The Superior Weapon
        So, if you’re attempting this quest, you’re Lv80 and probably carrying around your Lv75 Inferno Shadow weapon you claimed from the bodies of the Eternal Belief bosses in Sleeping Jungle. If you aren’t, you should totally get to that level, and be doing those things! You’ll need to if you want to start this quest chain.
The First Domino
        So, you’ve decided that it’s finally time to try and reforge that Inferno Shadow weapon of yours because c’mon, only +8 Accuracy? You can totally do better than that. Well, here’s your chance. Your first stop is Nightfall Citadel where you’ll find your way to Arwen Starlight, who will be standing just near the city’s main trackstone. When you approach her, remember to have your Inferno Shadow weapon equipped, otherwise, she won’t offer you the quest!
        Once armed, she will have the quest [80]Glimmer of Hope. She’ll recognize the weapon you have and tell you of how it can reach its full potential if you can use a spell and release the seal on it, but unfortunately, the tablet that the spell was initially written on was broken into three pieces and given to the different organizations of the races for safe keeping. You’re going to want to find the tablets Devotio, Incantatio, and Exponentia. You’ll find these via Aphrodite Morningstar of the Union of Woods, Lionheart Seth, and Sanguine Circle’s Magus respectively. Let’s start with Aphrodite.

Devotio, I Choose You!

Luckily, all of these NPCs are stationed in Nightfall, so getting to them is pretty easy. When you talk to Aphrodite, she’ll tell you that the tablet Devotio was stolen by the Fallen Elves who imbued it into their spirits to attain the powers they once had from their faith in the gods. I think by now you’ve mastered a pretty good technique for soul extraction: killing a whole lot of Fallen Elves. Head over to the Windwhisper Woods and collect the souls of the Fallen Elves and then return to Aphrodite. She’ll use their energy to rebuild Devotio for you, and then it’s off to Lionheart Seth for Incantatio!

Incantatio Was Its Name-O

Off we go to find Seth of the Lionhearts. He’ll tell you that a wine seller in Hearth Village keeps Incantatio in his… wine cellar. It’s clever, you be quiet! Head to Hearth Village and talk to Kesos Hardwine and he’ll tell you to search the wine barrels in his pub for the tablet, because magic is better when aged (I assume). Bring it over to him once you find it, and he’ll clean it off for you, which leaves one tablet to go!

The Unstoppable Exponentia!

Sanguine Circle’s Magus is last up. He’ll send you off to the Chamber of Embrace to find the remedy dealer Nephele. She’ll tell you that Exponentia’s text is written on the bones of Bloodworms, because their bones make, like, the best stationary ever. She’ll give you some eggs to work with, but you’ll have to feed them 5 Blood of the Void, which you can get from Natalie in Freedom Harbor. Once you have them, be sure to feed it to the eggs in a remote location so as to not cause trouble for other players. You’ll have to fight it, so be ready!
        And with that last piece, we head back to Arwen in Nightfall in order to unseal your weapon.

The Best Laid Plans of Mana and Men
        What, you thought it would be that easy? Nope—it looks like the spell is too much for Arwen, and you’ll need a special item to continue with the unsealing: a Continuum Crystal. Where’s the best place to get one? The corpse of Kluer from Aeon Spire of course. What’s that you say? He’s undead? Grab some friends and make him un-undead.
        Once you’ve reintroduced Kluer to the whole “being dead” thing, head back to Nightfall and find Pecci Aepelio in the Magic Academy. She’ll tell you that she can’t help you, but that a man named Diomedes in the Old Town might be able to. However, Mr. Diomedes doesn’t like warriors or politicians (Can’t blame him on the latter), so you’ll have to win his favor with a gift. Heather, the Botany tutor, should have a Butterfly Orchid that will do just nicely. Take it to Diomedes and plant it in his garden, you know, without permission. He’ll then have a Quest option for you and give you the Lost Arcana which you bring back to Pecci.
        Knowing a Guy Who Knows a Guy
        Pecci will send you to find Celeste in the Magic Airship. She’ll give you a Dark Soul Rune which should help you to use the dark magic necessary to unseal your weapon’s power. Unfortunately, you’ll need to activate it in the Tomb of Glory, so party up again, ‘cus you’re going to want help.
        Do you trust me? Like, if I told you to stand in the lava in King Akena Desollar’s chamber, would you do it? Because that’s how you’re going to use that Dark Soul Rune. When you’re in the lava, you’ll get the Molten debuff, and that’s when you try and use the rune in your inventory.
        Time for Plan…E?
        It looks like the rune didn’t work as expected, so it’s time to head back to Celeste and find out what went wrong with her plan of sending you through a tomb full of monsters to then stand in lava and use a rune. It turns out she may not be the best person for this sort of thing, but y’know who apparently is? Lilith right outside of that room, that’s who.

Lilith will give you an item known as the Darksoul Illusion which she instructs you to use in a remote location, because once you try and use it, you’re going to have to kill the Darksoul Blossom that comes out of it. Gardening’s never been so violent.
        Because That Would Be Too Easy
        Assuming you aren’t dead, head back to Arwen after you kill the Darksoul Blossom and she’ll tell you that in order to reforge your Inferno Shadow weapon, you’ll need one more thing…. Well, 3,200 of said thing, to be precise. She’ll ask you to get her 3,200 Brilliance of Glory, which is an item that you can acquire from coming out victorious in Frostgale Fjord. If you don’t remember how Frostgale Fjord works, see my entry on the battlefield for a refresher.
        Got them yet? Good. Talk to Arwen again and she’ll ask you to also buy a Soul Reforge Energy from her store, and then she’ll need about 1,600 more Brilliance of Glory, and then, for a price, she’ll allow you to reforge your Inferno Shadow items!
        See? That wasn’t too bad.
        A Word of Warning: If you plan on reforging your Inferno Shadow weapon, make sure that you remove any embedded gems it has in it, because otherwise, you’ll lose them in the reforging process, along with any fortification levels you may’ve had on it. Refine transferring your current weapon before making the exchange is advised. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you reforge!
        Like What You See?
        I’ll understand if you’re hesitant to go through all of this work to upgrade your Inferno Shadow weapon, so here’s a little preview of what your new weapon might look like:


And there you have it. High lvls I'm sure you guys will be happy to know there will be a way to upgrade your fancy weapons. Probably a lot less happy about the whole quest thing to get it though..

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