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Soul Power Quest Part 1 - Dyos vs Nyos

Jul 9, 2012 10:22 am
This guide will cover all the first part of getting your Soul Power and picking a side.

Guide created by: Ben Rico with additional notes and pictures by MitsukiTenshi
Source: FW – Nightfall: Virtue and Vice System!

A quick warning, this is a pretty long guide because the process it’s self takes pretty long. I’d say maybe on a Saturday when you have quite a few hours to spare, do this. Of course at the same time I suggest lvl 60s and higher who have not done this, do this as soon as you can because it gets more troublesome the longer you wait.


Part One: The Road to Godhood
So you’ve conquered the Mistress of Malice and saved Eyrda from the threat of the Aeon Spire, but now what? Well I have the answer for you-becoming a god! That’s right, the Virtue and Vice system will unlock the powers of the gods and put them in your hands, all you have to do is reach out and take them!

Now, before you head out to meet your destiny, a couple things first. One, you need to be at least level 60 to undertake the quests in Nightfall and Aepelio, and two; you will need the skills Observation and Intimidate. Now the quests will inform you when you need those skills, but by having them already you will save yourself time and backtracking.  

You got all that? Yes? Then let us head out into the great unknown and unlock the powers of the divine!


The first thing you will need to do is get to Nightfall! To get there you can talk to any teleporter, but to start the quest line speak to Ferrie (the healer in Freedom Harbor), and accept his quest, and head to Nightfall Citadel. He will sent you straight to Nightfall Citadel.

This is Claudius Aepelio, King of the country of Aepelio. He can be found inside the Aepelio Palace, naturally. You will need to have an audience with him, where he will give you rewards as well as direct you to speak with Gaius, his steward. Gaius will tell you about the King’s desire to acquire the ancient relics of the Magic Citadel, and tasks you with finding the legendary sword, Velastus. He will also hand you a letter from Demitri Kazmer himself! In the letter Demitri tells you of the troubles in Dusk Town, and directs you to speak with Rodgers, a Captain in the Lionheart Champions stationed in Nightfall who is currently keeping watch over the Twilight Bridge.

Find and speak to Captain Rodgers, who will tell you some more information about the attack on Dusk town, and ask you to go to Cadente Village to locate a suspect in the attacks who escaped custody. When you arrive at Cadente, you will arrive to a town devastated. Speak to Byron who will tell you what happened and where to find the suspect. Head to the area indicated and exact retribution on him. Once that’s done find Archilaus in Nightfall and show him the item you found.

Archilaus is located in the Academic District, tucked away in a little nook on the southwest side.  He will give you some information and history about the item, and directs you to find its other half, buried near Autumn Manor on the Triumph Plain. Use the charm to wake up the Asar, and then speak with him. After a brief history lesson, he will make a deal with you: help him to seek eternal rest and in exchange he will give you more information about the Magic Citadel and its relics.
Go and kill 99 Bloodhunters, then return to the Asar and speak to him where he will then tell you of the fate that befell the Magic Citadel and its people.

At this point, I think you should consider using your Combat Assistant. A part of me thinks that the bot was made for this quest since this is so ridiculously long with the mob killing.

Once the history lesson is over, head back to Nightfall and speak to Archilaus once again. He will act like he doesn’t know you and refuse to speak to you. This is where you will need the skill Observation. Use Observation on Archilaus, and then speak with him. He will direct you to find and Speak with Eve, in Dark Hollow.

Travel to Dark Hollow, speak to Eve, and pay her price. Once that is done she will ask you to find some Joy Powder for her (Drugs in forsaken world! >.O).
Now here you have two options:

You can buy it direct from Finch for the high, high cost of 1 (soul) diamond, or you can set up a sting by talking to Captain Rodgers.

If you simply buy the powder, the quest will continue at eve, but if you go back to Captain Rodgers you will have the opportunity to clean up the streets of Nightfall from the influence of Joy Powder, as well as have the chance to get a bag of Joy Powder free of charge!

If you head back to Speak with Captain Rodgers, he will ask for your help in cleaning up Nightfall and task you with finding out Finch’s supplier. This is where you will need Intimidate. Head back to Dark Hollow, use Intimidate on Finch, and make him talk. Once he spills his guts head back to Rodgers and he will ask you to go to the Logger’s Retreat and deal with the Bloodpact Smuggler. Once you kill him you will be presented with an interesting choice: Return the drugs to Rodgers and help end the threat, or lie to Rodgers and keep the drugs, thus allowing you to continue the search for Velastus with having to spend a diamond. Note that if you choose to give the drugs to Rodgers, you will still be able to buy the drugs from Finch, who apparently hasn’t learned the error of his ways, for the same price of 1 diamond. I guess the war on drugs is long and difficult in Nightfall.

For me, I actually gave it to Captain Rodgers and then bought the powder from Finch. If you give it to Rodgers you get a 87 soul gold reward. And then after if you buy it from Finch and give it to Eve you get 15 soul gold which does cover your expense for the powder as well as giving you some extra exp from the Rodgers quest. I mean at this point with the high Henry reward I would think that you wouldn’t really need the extra soul coins but the exp it’s pretty nice. I forgot exactly how much it was but it was definitely higher than 1 mil maybe even 10 mil, didn’t really count the zeros lol, sorry.

However you acquire some, once you have the Joy Powder speak to Eve once again and she will direct you to speak with Niko in the Crystal Valley.  Speak to Niko, and he will ask you to get some firewood for him. After doing so he will give you some more history on the area and its artifacts, and then tells you to go to Ghostfang Castle and speak to Thorn, who is a guard there.

During your conversation with Thorn, you will be teleported away by a man named Carrel, who claims to have saved your life.  After you feed him his vice of 50 Great Mana Tonics, he will tell you what you have wanted to know: how to become a god. He will show you the Soul Power UI and talk about how it works, but I will go into that in great detail later on in this guide. Besides, you’re not a god yet!

Carrel asks you to find out some more information, and of course the best person for the job is Eve, but luckily you won’t need to get any more Joy Powder, as good old fashioned blackmail will suffice this time. Eve tells you to find and speak to Baroness Carole, who is currently at the Chamber of Embrace, with the Raven Clan. Once you find her, you will need to Intimidate her to get her to talk. She will tell you where Raven is located, which happens to be behind the Chamber of Embrace. Head to the rear of the compound, and speak to the Odd Noble. He will reveal himself as Raven and finally reveal the location of Velastus-it is located at Ghostfang Castle in the hands of Baron Kidd. Go to Ghostfang, kill Baron Kidd, and claim the sword for yourself.

As a lvl 61 bard I had a really hard time killing this thing. It  hits really hard and I have pretty low hp. I ended up having my lvl 72 priest friend help me and she had her pet tank. So feel free to gather people to help you out!

Once you have possession of the Artifact, return to Carrel where you will now be presented with a choice: Follow the virtuous path of Dyos, or the ways of the Dark God, Nyos.  You can speak with Pascal and Garth about each path and they will show you the corresponding trees for Virtue and Vice. However you choose, choose wisely, because there is no going back once you do.

If you choose to follow the path of Dyos, you will have to battle the tormented soul that was housed within Velastus, and end her suffering.  

They didn’t really mention this, but there’s some kind of time limit to killing this thing. From what I have read on the forums for people who do have trouble with this, it happens around half way health point. Although in the quest it tells you to follow some weird coordinates if you fail, simply wait 5 mins for the quest to respawn and you can try again. Again, I had my friend help me out the 2nd time after I failed the first time so feel free to get some help!

After doing so, you will unlock the power of Dyos, and finally attain divinity. Once you select a path, you will be given the corresponding skill. Use it, and the powers of the Heavens will be yours to command!

If you choose to follow the path of Nyos, however, your task is to force the soul into obedience in order to serve you for all time. Right click Velastus in your inventory, speak with the soul, and after the deal is struck, you will have unlocked the power of the Dark God, Nyos.

Congratulations! No matter which path you chose, you have now obtained the power of the gods, but one question remains: How will you use your newfound powers? Will you use them for the good of all, or the power of one?

After you unlock your godly powers, there are still two things that you can finish up. First, you can turn in Velastus to King Aepelio. He is disappointed with its significant lack of power (due entirely to you of course), but he will thank and reward you all the same.

The other quest can be acquired by speaking to Eiffel in Nightfall at the Temple of Faith. Speak with her and you will be given a quest to increase your Soul Power and she will explain how to break the gates that limit your Soul Power (which I will explain in detail later on in this guide). After you accept the quest, obtain a Dragon order from Melinda, and complete it. This is one of the primary ways to acquire Soul Power: Obtaining and turning in Dragon Orders will net you lots of Soul Power and experience, as the orders change with your rise in levels.

At this point you do have a 7 days (168 hours) to finish this intro quest
Let me just say that Dragon Orders are EVIL!!!!! They ask you for kill 240 bloodpact Assassins (depending on your level) and apparently if you somehow miraculously finish it in 30 mins you get a prize. Anyways please do get some kind of party for this, I’m sure there are plenty of others doing this and it’ll be a lot faster. Also I think at this time you should get to know your combat assistant a little more since I’m pretty sure they were made for this quest.  

I was fortunate enough to find a party that was doing this so along with everyone I started my combat assistant and I’m getting through this quest pretty fast.


There is actually 2 more parts but seeing how this guide is already pretty long I think I'll just leave it here and put the other 2 part up in a different thread. Plus I'm still fiddling with those parts.
I hope you enjoyed this very long guide and good luck in getting your soul power! :D

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Aug 22, 2012 7:00 pm
Reply 0#  MItsukiTenshi

hey ****** it is 87 gold soul coins not 87 gold reward you need to fix it

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    Aug 22, 2012 8:39 pm
    Reply 1#  99.*.*.78

    all fixed. and there's no need to be rude.
    when I wrote that the powder cost 1 soul diamond and that the quest would cover the cost I thought it was inferred that the reward would be in soul currency. But I can see how that can be very misleading.

    Sep 12, 2012 5:23 am
    Good guide appreciate you putting the time and effort into making the guide it helped a ton, thanks![SMILE=1][SMILE=3][SMILE=29]

    Sep 12, 2012 10:05 am
    Reply 3#  124.*.*.188

    your welcome~
    Did you end up picking Dyos or Nyos?

    Sep 20, 2012 10:38 pm
    so when you gave the sould powder to the lionhart fellow after the sting, did you get any evil points at all, since you had to intimidate the dealer?? i want to be pure good in the game since i am a priest and i think it would fit best haha :P

    Sep 21, 2012 8:55 pm
    Reply 5#  50.*.*.222

    nope I didn't receive any evil points
    I'm the same as you. I hope to have all good :D

    I think only the socialite quests would actually affect that.

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      Sep 29, 2012 7:20 am
      Great post! I wish I would have found it earlier instead of just finishing up. But I will past the URL along, so get to work on the next parts :)

      Sep 30, 2012 3:31 pm
      Reply 7#  68.*.*.22

      Glad you liked it :D

      And I'll try to get the other parts up soon!
      If you follow my source you can find the other parts just without my notes and stuff


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