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Changyou's New 3D Action Title: Codename K

Apr 16, 2012 1:08 am
Some days ago, Changyou, a game company of China announced a 'nex-gen plan' with four new 3D titles. One of them, Codename K, is based on the era of Huangdi & Chiyou(Huangdi and Chiyou are from ancient mythology of China), it attracts many players' attention.

Codename K is a self-developed game of Changyou, it's the first 3D action game under the development of CE3 in China. Non-traget, action combo, free skill combination etc. are the key features of Codename K, and the same as ArcheAge, it has epic game graphics, all things in game are lifelike. For example, players' equipments will not be changeless, when they are attacked by fire attribute, their armors will be burned to red, but the armors will be recovered gradually, then all trees are able to be cutting.

It's not a dungeon-based game, but the same as Tera and WoW, it has a open world.
The game emphasizes Aerial combat and Guild war. Players can ride mounts and attack ground in the air, players can see thousands of players' battle in a screen.

Codename K is planned to release game preview trailers in this China Joy, the test date is to be announced.

Now take a glimpse of debut screenshots of Codename K:

Besides Codename K, Changeyou revealed other three games: Codename X7, and two agent games: DaVinci Online and Codename M.
You can check more info of the four games from here:
ChangYou's 4 New Next-gen MMOs Debut

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