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DN SEA: Lagendia Continent Exploration Season 4

Mar 2, 2016 4:42 pm
Entry Info
Entry Timings: Every day EXCEPT Saturdays (7.30am to 9.30am, GMT+8)
Weekly rankings will be reflected at 9am every Saturday.
* Lagendia Continent Exploration will begin on 5 March, after 9.30am (GMT+8)Entry Level: Lv24 and above
* Lagendia Continent Exploration is adjusted contents.
Entry Conditions: Single player / Unlimited resurrections
Number of clears: Normally once a day                                             
  • If you give up halfway, you will lose all the Gold Keys you have collected from the Gold Boxes and you can keep challenging again until you have completely cleared the continent exploration.
  • You can clear one more time if you get entry coupons from other users.
How to get Gold Keys
  • A Gold box will appear in each map when you successfully clear the mission. A Wooden box will appear if you fail the mission.
  • Gold boxes will drop at least 1 Gold Key. For dungeons marked with a gold box on the map, twice the amount of keys will be dropped.
How to Play
  • Step 1 Click on the die icon to begin!
  • Step 2 Seek out Loffy and talk to him.
  • Step 3 Hang on tight! It’s gonna be a wild ride!
  • Step 4 Roll the die and let the Exploration begin!
  • Step 5 Read and accomplish Loffy’s  missions.
  • Step 6 Collect Golden Keys from the Gold Chest when you succeed.
  • Step 7 Stand to win cool rewards with the Lagendia Continent Exploration!

How To Enter Again
Use entry coupons! Get 5 entry coupons from other users to enter once more.

Individual ranking
  • Individual ranking consists of 2 types -- [Number of Gold Keys Attained] and [Clear Time].
  • Rewards will be given out and individual ranking will be reset on a weekly basis (Every Saturday at 9am, GMT+8)
  • Number of Gold Keys Attained – Refers to the total number of Gold Keys you have attained when you clear Lagendia Continent Exploration once.
  • Clear Time – Time taken from entering Lagendia Continent Exploration to entering the last island.
  • All individual ranking will be counted when you enter the last island (Treasure Warehouse).
  • The Gold Key you get when you enter the last island (Treasure Warehouse) will not be reflected in the ranking.
  • Rewards will be given to ranks from 1st place to 10th place.

Guild ranking
  • Guild ranking is based on what is counted while Lagendia Continent Exploration is open.
    (Ranking will be calculated and rewards will be given based on the time when Continent Exploration opens to when it closes.)
  • This ranking is a ranking of the total number of Gold Keys attained by each guild.
  • The number of Gold Keys will be counted when players enter the last island (Treasure Warehouse) and it will be accumulated to the player’s guild if the player is in a guild.
  • Rewards will be given to 1st to 3rd places.
  • Rewards will be sent to all guild members. Rewards include: 1st/2nd/3rd place Pirate Hat &v Origin of Lagendia (High Grade)

Gold Treasure Box Reward
Open Festive Treasure Warehouse Island’s “Gold Treasure Box” and stand to get these items that match your character’s level.

Lagendia Box
A box that contains various cash items. Check out what you stand to obtain here:

  • Brilliant Ancestor Dragon Wings
  • Gentle Butterfly Spirit
  • Blue Light Spirit
  • White Archangel Wings
  • Blue Archangel Wings
  • Brown Archangel Wings
  • Yellow Fox Tail
  • White Fox Tail
  • Blue Fox Tail
  • Brilliant Star Fragment Ring
  • Bubble White Earrings
  • Red Lightning Decal
  • White Chief Decal
  • White Fox Ears
  • Blue Fox Ears
  • Bright Echo Necklace
  • Innocent Hound (30 Days)
  • [GM] Messenger Autumn Bird
  • [GM] Messenger Breezy Bird
  • [GM] Emergency HP Recovery Potion
  • [GM] Emergency MP Recovery Potion
  • [GM] Highly Concentrated Attack Elixir
  • [GM] Highly Concentrated Defence Elixir
  • [GM] Highly Concentrated Critical Elixir
  • [GM] Highly Concentrated Movement Speed Elixir
  • [GM] Premium Magic Stamp
  • [GM] Mobile Crafting Kit
  • [GM] Mobile Repair Kit
  • [GM] Mobile Enhancement Kit
Don't expect permanent but who knows

Lagendia Exchange Coupon

Collect 20 of them and take them to Loffy and he will give you a Navy Pirate Hat.

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Apr 1, 2016 5:33 pm
How to get or share entry coupons? =(

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    Apr 2, 2016 2:10 am
    Reply 1#  49.*.*.204

    Sorry but Lagedia Exploration has ended.

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