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[DNTR] Dragon Nest Turkey shutting down in December

Nov 9, 2015 6:23 pm
Dragon Nest Turkey closing in december, the host has no interest on renewing the contract unless a miracle happen. The population is too low to keep it running, probably because Turkey players favor the EU server.

Players from Turkey have always been able to and can still play in EU and SEA if they desire to continue playing Dragon Nest somewhere.

All players will be given compensation to use in Mayn Games other game, Karahan Online.

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DNTR is the second server to ever shut down in Dragon Nest's history. First was Taiwan/Hong Kong server a couple of years ago due to issues with the distributor, but was brought back whitin months with a new host as the game had a high population and demand in that region. I doubt this will be the case of DNTR, so this will be likely the first region to permanently shut down.

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