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Dragon Nest SEA: Are you Ready to rumble?

May 19, 2015 7:35 am

Experience the first ever PVPVE battlefield in Rumble Mode where you will take on BOTH monsters and players to emerge victorious in the exciting race against time. Rise to arms brave Heroes, because the clock is ticking fast!

The new Rumble Mode is a large scale PvPvE type battlefield where you and your team have to kill monsters and compete against the opponent team within the time limit. The team that earns 30,000 points first by killing monsters or other characters will win the Rumble Mode. If the time limit (10 minutes) is up, then the team with the higher points will win.
A notification message will be shown in all worlds 10 minutes before Rumble Mode and when Rumble Mode begins.

1. How to request for matching

Click Menu(N) - Battlefield button and the UI for requesting matching will appear.
Click [Request Matching] button on the UI to request for matching.
You cannot change weapons in Rumble Mode, so only players with all weapons/secondary weapons equipped can request for matching.
You cannot change channels, change maps, or use the Cash Shop during matching

2. Party-level matching request

Party-level matching can only be done if the party has 2 or fewer members, and a maximum of 2 of the same 1st specialization jobs.
Matching request can only be done by the party leader. When matching is completed, your own party will not appear on the party list.

3. Cancel matching
When matching has been requested, a UI will show elapsed time in minutes at the center of the screen. Click [Cancel Matching] button to cancel the process.
If matching has been requested in a party, only the party leader can cancel matching.

4. Matching Complete

When matching is complete, a system message will appear antd you will be moved to the Rumble Mode map.
If matching had been requested in a party, you will be moved after the party has been cancelled.
If matching had been requested in a party, the party will form the same team in Rumble Mode.

There are various monsters in the battlefield, and players can earn points by killing the monsters. You can check your points from the Status window Q. Different icons will be shown above the character’s head according to the amount of points the character has.
[Monster Hunt]Different amount of points can be earned for killing monsters of different grades. The higher the grade, the more challenging the monster but the points yielded will be higher as well. Killing certain monsters will give useful buffs for the team, so be careful not to lose them to the opponent team.
Each monster appears at a different time so be sure to check when the monster will appear to gain an advantage over your opponents!
[Battle]You will lose points if you get killed during battle.
When an opponent team player kills you, the points lost will be taken by that player.
No points will be lost for characters who have 0 points.
  • Killed by another player : Loses 30% of one’s points to the opponent player
  • Killed by a monster : 50 points deducted (fixed)

Mini map will be shown on bottom right in Rumble Mode where you will be able to view your team members’ location. Press F1~F6 key (radio message), and an icon will appear on your own location to communicate with your party members.

When 5 minutes have passed after the match begins, you can request to surrender. Simply press the ESC button, and click [Surrender] button from the menu and a vote for surrender will appear. Your surrender will be accepted if more than 70% of your team members agree to it. If your request to surrender has been rejected by your team mates, you can request again after 1 minute.

If you get disconnected in Rumble Mode, you can re-enter after logging in to the game again. A popup message will appear, asking if you wish to re-enter Rumble Mode. A leave penalty will be applied if you do not return to Rumble Mode.
Leave penalty will last for 10 minutes, and during this stipulated period, your stats will be decreased by 30% and you cannot request for battle.


You can get the following rewards from Win/Loss/Draw in Rumble Mode.

You can get Battlefield Fighter’s Gold Coin by clearing daily missions and weekly event missions. Simply press ? to check out the missions!
Battlefield Fighter’s Gold Coin can be used to exchange for items at Battlefield Fighter’s Gold Coin Store.

Note: Fedoru set is PVP stat equipment.

Introducing the all new PVP Stats in Dragon Nest!You can check your PVP stats info from Character stat window [Character (P) > Basic Info> Other Info

Move Speed 579
Final Damage 363
PVP Attack 1052
PVP Defence 4559

PVP stats will boost a player’s attack and defense stats in PVP (rumble mode and ladder). These stats stack with the regular attack and defense stats found in equipment, which means that when used in Rumble Mode and Ladder, they provide an additional attack and defense boost against another player.

To exchange equipment with PVP stats, visit Colosseum Shopkeeper Michael. Items can be exchanged using the Battlefield Fighter’s Gold Coin accumulated from playing Rumble Mode.

To check Rewards and more info click DN SEA Rumble

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May 20, 2015 10:19 am
Are the Fedoru Items tradable?

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    May 20, 2015 10:08 pm
    Reply 1#  125.*.*.5

    I haven't got one yet but if I'm not mistaken it is not. But if you plan to use server storage I might work only with your characters. Most probably it can be sealed like PVP ladder items. I'll let you know once I got one :P

    May 21, 2015 11:35 am
    Mantou said this is temporal ._. in KR it's permanent.

    May 21, 2015 5:47 pm
    Lets demand for it to be permanent. >(

    May 22, 2015 12:47 am
    I see, yes please do so. Thanks Markuz :)

    Jun 23, 2015 5:12 am
    Sad to say but it didn't work and it has ended. More over I guess none of the players got the rare items from pouch. No one got the emerald dragon. My max Gold coin is only 250 not even half. Some how this was useless all along.

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