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Gladiator Tips about Super Armor & PvP Hit States (Useful in creating personal combos.)

Feb 26, 2013 2:30 am
Hi to everyone~ I've been playing DN Sea for almost 2 years now and I'd like to give some ideas to people in terms of PvP while using a Gladiator.
It's not much of a guide so I won't call it that.


Id say that a hit state is a condition wherein a certain type of attack hits you then depletes your superarmor and the hit state would be the reaction of your character to that type of attack.

First off is to pass the barrier that is SUPERARMOR, having knowledge on surpassing superarmor skills in pvp is a must for the hit state to go through.

SUPERARMOR ( state that avoids you from performing hit states) :
A superarmor is somewhat like a buff, it avoids your character from flinching while performing a skill thus making you have the upperhand in combos/counters, a perfect example would be why are mercs able to continue using flying swing despite being hit by a heavy slash/ front shove the reason is flying swing has a high superarmor thus as described if not depleted no flinching or any hit state will occur, this proves the usage of circle break, A well timed circle break would trigger a knockdown hit state to the caster depleting his superarmor and making him vulnerable to combos, do know that superarmor breaking is not limited to a single hit skill which is the case of triple slash cancelling fyling swing when done right.

Images for the so-called Hit-States

1. STANDING, NEUTRAL ( not doing anything ):
Enemy stands doing nothing free from any type of damage be it grounded or in midair, they could tumble,evade, parry and use recoveries as well defensively, as for the offensive side you could wall bounce, juggle or deal any form of hit state freely this is considered the 0 superarmor state.

2. LIGHT IMPACT ( flinch in real life as if you got bump lightly) :
Enemy is lightly affected meaning they are flinched for a very short period of time, but is free to move or evade, if done on the right timing you could continue and lift or even deal a heavy impact to enemies after cancelling their tumble via light impact which proves why pro people could lift using eclipse+impact punch or cancel off tumble via moonsplit then cast up front shove to deal heavy impact.

3) HEAVY IMPACT ( semi falling the state in real life when you are DRUNK ):
Enemy is affected heavily meaning they are flinched for a longer time than light impact on this brief moment the opponent cant move nor tumble but there are skills that allows them to recover (like crisis howl... offensively you aim mostly for this hit state ) also shows that the enemy is about to fall down.

NOTE: after a heavy impact any skills used will knock down the opponent

4) KNOCKDOWN ( drop dead ):
This is the state wherein your enemy could use his knock down recovery skill (wake attack), the only safe skill to use after enemy is knocked down are heavy impact skills which will  perform a continuation in combo thus bring us to the additional state bellow.

5) SEMI LIFT ( knocked down opponent about to be fully lifted ):
This hit state is only triggered when the opponent is knocked down if used or casted fast enough avoids the opponent from using ground recoveries as well as allow you to continue the combo  (an example would be a quick evasion slash or heavy slash during the opponent is knocked down you could see a semi lift or a short lift from the opponent and thus continue with a cyclone/impact punch to relift the opponent)


6) KNOCK BACK ( rolls away from the hitter ):
On this state the opponent rolls away from the hitter and may recover using ground recovery. however for the hitter side he could close the gap and lift/ combo you with other skills, ( a example would be an aerial combo to sweep kick impact punch combo)

7) LIFT  (impact punch uppercut!! Fly in midair)
On this state enemy is free to use air recoveries while being on the neutral state mid air, the hitter is also free to execute combos while enemy is in midair

Note: Any lift state would eventually result to knock down state so aim to stall for a possible RELIFT/DAMAGE while the enemy is in midair.

Here's a list of the skills and the position they can be used(LEGEND: STANDING-S GROUNDED-G MIDAIR/semi lifted-A)
when not stated the skill doesnt hit on that position


HEAVY SLASH – heavy impact (SGA)
IMPACT PUNCH – lift (SA) note that when grounded impact punch does a semi lift only
RISING SLASH – 1st hit heavy impact, the rest is lift (SGA), second lift at level 6(Can Wall Hit)
CIRCLE BREAK – knock down in neutral / semi lift when grounded (SGA)
WAVE ATTACK - light impact ( SG)(Can Wall Hit)

TUMBLE – short invi frame use for dodging enemy skills / repositioning
SOCCER KICK – hits when stunned, lift
DASH – mobility, neutral
NORMAL ATTACK – light impacts then the last hit is knock down (SA)
ELBOW DROP – hits ground, semi lift but cant be followed up due to animation (G)
DROP KICK – knock back (SA)(Can Wall Hit)
SIDEKICK – light impact (SA)(Can Wall Hit)
SWEEPING KICK – 1st hit light impact 2nd hit heavy impact (SA)(Can Wall Hit)
DASH KICK – knock back (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)

GROUND RECOVERY – invi frame, knock back
AERIAL RECOVERY - neutral ( could be added with evasion slash or drop kick to counter )
RELIEVE – neutral could be added with evasion slash to counter


TRIPLE SLASH- light impact for the 3 hits (SA) semi lifts on ground.(Can Wall Hit)
FRONT SHOVE – i.frame+light impact for the 1st hit, heavy impact for the 2nd hit, semi lift on ground (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
HACKING STANCE – light impact, hits are too fast making enemy immobile, movement is categorized as i.frame, would semi lift a opponent when grounded ( theres a trick) (SGA) (Can Wall Hit)
RAGE – lift ( SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
INFINITY EDGE – varies hits are too fast ( SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
ECLIPSE – light impact (SGA)
PROVOKING SLAM – light impact, debuff amplifies damage dealt (SA)
CYCLONE SLASH – lift (SGA) , bigger at level 6
CRESCENT CLEAVE – heavy impact on 1st hit, light impact on 2nd to last hits  (SGA) , 5 waves at level 6
HALFMOON SLASH – knock back ( SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
GREAT WAVE – lift (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)

DASH SLASH – light impact (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
DASH COMBO – light impact (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
COUNTER SLASH – knock back (SA)
COUNTER WAVE – heavy impact (SA)
AERIAL COMBO – knock back + invi frame when completed the landing animation (SA)(Can Wall Hit)
PARRY – blocks attacks, allows the use of both counter slash and counter wave

PARRY STANCE - buff, blocks almost all damages could be debuffed however
COUNTER HELIX – heavy impact


FINISH ATTACK – knock down for 1st two hits, knockdown semi lift for the 3rd hit (SGA)(Can Wall Hit)
EVASION SLASH –tumble like invi frame + heavy impact  (SGA)

TRIPLE SLASH EX – refer below (SGA)

Note: knock down + heavy impact + lift = relift this will help you relift the enemy for continous combos
there are actually 4 variatons for triple slash EX  (m1= mouse1, m2=mouse2)

1. m1 m2 - semi lift or light + lift
2. m1 m1 - light + light
3. m2 m1 - semi lift or light and light
4. m2 m2.- semi lift or light and lift

Feel free to watch these videos wherein the gladiators showcase their evasion, utilize i.frames, counter attacks and even superarmor abuse.

(the links above are just examples of actual fights, subscribe to both desolutionxx and xkeyToshio for more vidoes credits to them as well.)

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1 The_Only_7 +200 Points 2013-02-27 00:58:16 Nice thread! Repost to dn.mmosite.com  

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Feb 27, 2013 3:36 am

MMOsite Special Offer

    Feb 27, 2013 4:34 am
    Good day, I've want to ask this since I only see it personally in the game and I've been thinking of making a glad, but don't know the names of the skill of what to get, I'm a bit interested in this so called "wall combos" sorry didn't know the actual name of...

    Feb 27, 2013 4:40 am

    Notable skills are:

    Level 6-11 rising slash – perhaps the most common / high chance of landing skill in pvp for the WA tree

    Level 1-6 Circle Break – high potential to cancel high SA skills

    All recoveries and passives are almost maxed out but since youre saving up for the brave tree, i decided to leave the mana tree at its lowest level just to compensate for the 45 sp requirement

    NOTE: you could adjust the intervals for both c.break and rising slash or even add up dash kick for the remaining sp


    Level 11 Triple Slash – to maximize the damage

    Level 5 Brave - due to its superarmor debuff and attack buff ( a pvp tool for combos/AE cancels as well )

    Level 1-11 Front shove – catcher skill in pvp, some may want to max (11) or limit this within the level 1 cause the damage growth isnt great compared to other skills more useful such as mls

    Level 1-6 Hacking Stance – damage growth is decent for pvp also a preparation for the 60 ex

    Level 6-7 Rage – Level 6 should be enough i maxed it out for the burst damage though

    Level 6 Eclipse – level 6 for the damage it gives off ( despite the presence of brave eclipse is still a great skill )

    Level 5 Provoking Slam – Attack amplification is always GOOD, max it

    Level 11 Moonlight Splitter - for pure pvp compe on gladiators, the skill deals a good dps and good cd

    Level 1-6 Cyclone – Big AOE means certain recoveries could be nulled while in midair
    Aerial evasion while in cyclone could make the opponent fall back to the cyclone in certain cases for level 6, however if you just wish to have it at level 1 for the lift/ stall/ chain effect then 1 is nuff

    Parry Tree-  I decided not to have the whole tree for personal reasons however having the counter slash knock backs opponents and Counter wave makes them stumble however you must have a decent level of Parry itself to make this work better not to mention that people who follow the softban skills dont need parrystance in pvp, If your willing to sacrifice offensive skills and have parry for pvp at least have parry itself at level 3-4 cause level 1 is a measly 2.1%, I've seen people having a max passive parry and it works great for them

    Note: you could adjust or even twitch your build to your liking but crucial skills must not be lowered like eclipse and provoking slam, there are also those passive level 1 skills that is a must have like the aerial combo/ dash slash/ combo


    Level 2 Evasion slash for the added damage and Level 1 for both Triple slash EX and Finish Attack be sure that you wont miss out this skills cause they're the reason why you'll excel in pvp as a gladiator

    Also, take note that the build I've given is for 50 cap. Another thing is the brave skill, which can or can be in the server you are currently playing in.
    Skill tree image:

    Feb 27, 2013 4:50 am
    what about the skill rings for this and plates, does it include the skill build? in terms of plates all i know is increase attack speed...

    Feb 27, 2013 4:56 am
    Enchancement Plates

    Destruct - physical damage
    Bear - str adds up paralyze and physical damage
    Wind - agi adds up critical and an ample of physical damage
    Health - vit adds up hp
    Life - increases your hp pool
    Fatal - increase your critical chance
    Shining - increases your defense
    Ultimate - final damage for rich builds
    Tent - if your build is not entirely fd there is no point adding up fd right? so you'll add up more defense and the only defense left to pump up is magic def
    Paralyze - in compe off paralyze is a dangerous skill it makes that opponent experience a permanent flinching state pumping this added up with bear set is pretty AWESOME

    a.Heralds (PVP)

    Sidekick Animation
    Impact Punch CD
    Rising Slash CD
    Relieve CD
    Triple Slash CD/Damage
    Front Shove Damage
    Hacking Stance Damage
    Rage Damage
    Eclipse Damage
    Moonlight Splitter Damage
    Half moon slash Animation
    Finish Attack Damage/CD

    I’d personally advice the sidekick, finish attack, rage, 3ple slash
    Or change the finish attack to rising CD/ moonsplit damage/ hms animation or impact CD

    b.        Skill Access (PVP)

    For skill acess only notable skills are the ones that I’ll be adding

    RINGS -  Finish Attack, Eclipse, Relive, Provoking Slam
    NECK – Evasion Slash, Rage
    EARRING - Hacking stance, Triple Slash

    Feb 27, 2013 7:16 am

    Full Guide :D

    MMOsite Special Offer

      Feb 27, 2013 10:17 am
      [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/49/20130226/Gladiator_Tips_about_Super_Armor_PvP_Hit_States_Useful_in_creating_personal_combos-512c8eb91f0a2bf13-1.html#p512dfed1384419]3#[/url] [i]Jep Masamune[/i][/b] [br] [br]
      sir, can u show me some moves or video to defeat the EL & cleric job?

      coz those two job are really hard to fight for gladiator on PVP
      (for me tough) >,<

      Feb 27, 2013 10:24 pm

      I have a table for a lot of the hit-states caused by skills. List is not complete however as I don't have every class :P


      Feb 27, 2013 11:24 pm
      Quote: Originally Posted by CPSTX at Feb 27, 2013 10:24 pm
      I have a table for a lot of the hit-states caused by skills. List is not complete however as I don't have every class :P


      Yup. I see it's mostly composed of warrior skills. It's still imformative for players like us. So nice job

      Mar 2, 2013 12:30 am
      yang yang and black ghost still are the best pvp players even they dont play now

      Mar 4, 2013 3:45 am
      Thanks for the Information you give guys, I make my own glad sooner ^_^

      MMOsite Special Offer

        May 18, 2013 11:50 pm
        thanks for this guide, still tricky but imma practice hard to master this.


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