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Halloween Patch v76 Cash Shop Updates!(SEA)

Oct 23, 2012 6:22 am
As usual, we’re back with new exciting items that will boost and enhance your character’s stats and appearance!

Check out what’s new:

1) Halloween Costume Packages

Halloween is here and it’s the season to dress up for some scary fun! But wait, the Halloween Costume Package doesn’t only come with a new costume and weapon outlook, but also with an in-game Title ‘Halloween Ghost’ and7 day Pumpkin Hound Pet! Get your outfits and give the monsters the fright of their lives!

2) New Mount in Altea GachaBox

Had a baaaa-d day? This new mount would definitely cheer you up! The [Courteous Gentlemen Sheep] would be available in the [Altea’s GachaBox] so remember to buy lots of those!

3) New Decal in Altea GachaBox

Talking to Events Planner Irine and feeling shy? Now you have a new decal just to express it! Get your[Embarrassed Decal] and show her how you really feel! (Psst…She finds blushing cute!)

4) New Job Change Scroll

Made the wrong job choice? Wished you were a Crusader instead of an Inquisitor? Fret no longer for the [Job Change Scroll] is here. With this magical scroll you can change your advanced class specialization to another one within the same base class with just a click of a button!

Load up and head on over to the Cash Shop to buy these lovely items today!

Credits to:http://dn.cherrycredits.com/news-single.php?title=161225-update-halloween-patch-v76-cash-shop-updates

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