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skill build for inquisitor t4 (lvl 50) (lvl 60) ,, ^^,

Sep 9, 2012 3:37 am
before anything else this...

i am a DN SEA player...
i am not good in speaking in english...
please be informed that i am not a pro dn player...
i really don't have as many knowledge compared to those who played the game for a long time...
this build was formulated by gathering information from different players and also fraom previous skill buils...

as you can see i didn't used all the sp this is because (correct me if im wrong)
the skill simulator provides add additional 3 points for the dual ulti (again correct me if im wong)
the skill point level or limit for dn sea is...

cleric                 0/91
priest                 0/91
inquisitor           0/91

lvl 50 skill build

lvl 60 skill build


charge volt - for dps of course, one of your spammable skills,, =P
heal - heal heal heal,, of course we need this for a little support =P
sliding step - maxed of course
shield block - actually i am having 2nd thoughts about this skill,, because i really don't know when to use it, and i don't really use it, (no i am not a dodge master =P, i just can't press so many buttons =P) i don't know,, i think that this skill is for personal preference,, its up to you if you want to add it or not...
aerial evasion - i only leveled this skill to 1 because i am thinking that i should dodge attacks,, but im not good in dodging attacks T_T i think this skill is more for pvp,, i dont do pvp =P
health bolster - more hp of course =P
hand of healing - of course to boost your heal =P
vengeance strike - i added this skill to help me get out of some situations and i like the skill,, i don't like pressing w,a,s,d multiple times to roll, i would rather press the attack button =P ,, anyway i think this is more of a personal preference skill,, you can choose to add it or not ^^,

mental fortitude - more mp anyone??? anyway its up to you,,, =P ,, i am thinking that i don't need that much of mp,,,
(but actually i am having 2nd thoughts about this)
mental training - mp recovery?? i am thinking that i would not ran out of mp,,, so i am guessing that i don't really need this =P (but actually i am having 2nd thoughts about this)
i am thinking that i should have put the sp i used in shield block for mental fortitude and mental training for added mp and mp recovery... because my brothers keeps on telling me that you need more mp,, he keeps on telling me that everytime he would run archbishop nest he would almost lose all of his mp,, btw his character is a paladin, i don't know if it is a guardian or crusader...
toughness - added defense anyone??
holy bolt - i don't really use this skill thats why i didn't added this, but bind skills are awesome skills to have, its up to you if you want to add this or not...


blessing of strike, blessing of light - i only added up to lvl 3 for 15% added phys attk, mag attk, light attk,,,
protection shield - lvl 3 for 15% damage reduction ^^,

relic of lightning - lvl 1 only,, this is more for saints =P but this skill is really good ^^,
relic of heal - lvl 7 for healing of course although i am still thinking if i should put this only on lvl5 so that i could max my chain lightning ^^, im confused help on this one ahahaha XD
relic of cure - lvl 3 for 15% added light attk,,

grand cross - lvl 1 for pre req,, this skill has a long time of casting but it does pretty good damage ^^, its your choice if you want to max it or not,,
mind snapper - lvl 1 only, for pre req of course,,
lightning volt - main dps skill,, max it of course hahaha, i think i don't need to explain myself here hahaha =P
chain lightning - this skill is pretty good,, for me i think the difference from lvl11 is not that far from lvl14 =P
lvl 11 - 7 shock transfer - 267% +4013
lvl 14 - 8 shock transfer - 278% +5330
electronic detonation, holy burst - high damaging skills, main dps,,

heaven judgement - damage and coolness =P i really like this skill i feel like i look so cool whenever i use it =P
relic of miracle - this is more of a saint skill,, but in order for inquis to be more wanted in nest we need to have this for support =P


shock transition - lvl 1 only =P
lightning volt ex - of course no explanation needed =P
consecration - max of course for dmg =P

if you find some wrong info on my post please do let me know so i can correct it,
that's all!!!
hope you like my skill build ^^,

anyway i posted this awhile ago in the wrong forum section ahahhaa
am i in the right one?? hahaha
anyway thanks to the one who told me that i was in the wrong section although i can't recall his/her name because i deleted the post already (i think) ahahaha XD
if im not in the right section please do tell me so that i can remove this post ahahaha XD
sorry im a newbie ahahaha XD

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Sep 9, 2012 10:05 am
.... I have so many things wrong with this.

Max Buffs
Max Heal Relic. You are a priest. They still want you to heal.
Don't max Detonate, not really worth it for the cool down.
Leave Block at 3. Does 4 hits all you need.
Max Aerial...

Oh my god there is so much more...


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    Sep 15, 2012 5:14 am
    i didn't maxed my heal relic and buffs because i am not a full support >,<
    if i would max may heal relic and buffs i might aswell go saint >,<

    anyway about the block,, if i h ave a reset skill i would rather not put sp on it.. why?? because i dont know when to use it XD hahaha

    Sep 15, 2012 7:12 am
    Reply 2#  SirFrance

    Inquisitor isn't a FULL-TOTAL-DMG-ONLY char. It's a priest. Your party will still want you to heal and help them. A whole party can die because of your build >.>


    Sep 16, 2012 8:04 pm
    I'm an inquisitor at DN Sea too. It's always good to max your healing relic (in fact, I even have a skill accessory to push it one level even further beyond the level cap) since it's not just yourself whom you are saving, it's your ENTIRE PARTY. No parties (whether with guild or public) would discard you if you can do semi-dps and possess decent healing abilities.

    The only hardest thing is to balance magic attack and light attack with your gears so I admit it can get a little expensive if you decide to make a great semi-dps/support Inquisitor.

    Dec 12, 2012 5:16 am
    i suggest
    lvl 5 healing relic
    add paralyze bolt - useful to set your cure relic + consecration + holy burst combo
    decrease righteous bolt add them to passives like hp mp and mp regen - well ur an inqui you have to stay alive dont put yourself to situations where you can receive high dmg .. when using that skill you still need to make your way to the enemy to make a decent dmg..
    aerial evasion - why hesitate to max?? its very useful..
    chain lightning - i suggest to max it.. in 60 cap this will have an ex right??
    detonate - i also suggest to max it.. now with shock transition this is a very great skill!! imagine.. chain lightning (sure electrocute) + attack the electrocuted mob with lightnong bolt theres a chance to trigger the shock transition (additional dmg + near enemies will be electrocuted too) the detonate!!! that's cool ^^

    Jan 13, 2013 1:54 pm
    horrible advice...omg ur inqui is doomed to fail

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      May 12, 2013 6:39 am
      im also an inquisitor in DN SEA
      max your heal but your healing relic lvl 5 is good enough (base on exp)
      chargebolt is not that useful in pvp or pve you have to get really close to damage with that skill
      max your buffs we are still a support type character.
      aerial evasion is also very important it will take you forever being hit in mid air without this.(in pvp)
      max all skill in the leftside of priest skill built except mind breaker your an inquisitor now not just a priest for buffing and healing and its our main skills lessen this skills better might be a saint..

      May 13, 2013 5:26 am
      i suggest u to see some other build ...SEA is a fail server so i think u need to see some build from DN CN or KR ,u can find in Chaose5 post. Really the role of character change complitely from SEA ,a Inqui without heal skills MAXED ,is like a Elementalist without %element ,is useless ^^"

      Jul 14, 2013 4:41 am

      Jul 14, 2013 6:34 am
      Here you go look at this build.



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