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IMPORTANT! Must Read Before Posting

Apr 12, 2012 2:10 pm
To avoid further issues, I have created this thread. Hope it will not be necessary to take any actions in response to violations to some basic rules, as I done before.
Before anything, We Thank your cooperation with the Forum rules.
This are not official rules, but its something pretty close to it.

1- While making a thread  / Replying in a thread Ensure to not use forbidden vocabulary. (Bad words / offensive words / search for fight / troll people / etc. )
The comments may be edited and it will be a ban penalty if this actions keep being repeated.

2- DO NOT POST OFF-TOPIC CONTENT! Even if the Off topic content is indirectly related, it is not on the Right Forum sections. THIS COUNT EVEN FOR ADMINS, I have see some posts of Dungeon Striker in Dragon Nest forums, I got a notice for you guys, this is Dragon Nest forums not Dungeon Striker.
Those Posts will be automatically Moved from section or deleted from this forum. (Korean news that involves Dragon Nest will be accepted)

3-Its not allowed to Double post, If you forget to add anything, you can use Modify button. Only exception can be the *Bump Posts.
Double Posts will be deleted.

4- Its not allowed to duplicate threads! - If your thread was not answered, and its almost a dead thread. You can */bump the thread.
Duplicated threads will be deleted.

5- Spamming Adds - Totally Forbidden!!
Those who spam Ads will be permanently Banned, also the thread will be Locked and modified.

6- Feel Free To post / Ask everything! But you cant Share / ask external Illegal programs or Content that modify the game. Also, you cant ask if there is an existence page that offers to download this files. Only Files that can be accepted are the Patches: Such as English Patch translators / Graphic patches / Voice Patch / etc.

7- You cannot claim content that anyone else publish on the forums as yours, such as steal someone else guides / posts without giving Credit. Reported links will result in a thread supression and may be a temporary ban depending the situation. However you can still use external pages to mmosite.com guides/posts/etc. But if its an external ripped guide / post you MAY NOT POST EXTERNAL PAGES LINKS.

8- Not really a Rule, this is a suggestion:
For the ones who search for Guilds / Recruit members , DO NOT POST any character name / Any Guild Name on forums. This Only APPLY to foreigner Gameplay. We dont want to get you banned from the game for just a single post. I had notice that many people was banned for some posts on this forum, just for being foreigner. Anyway, its your own choice.

~~~ Thank you for reading ~ and understanding. ~~~

Greetings, Yuto.

PS: If I make any grammatical mistake, i beg you my apologize. I am not used to speaking in fluent english.

[ The post was edited by Hououin Kyouma at Jul 2, 2012 12:10 am ]

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Jul 1, 2012 3:43 am
I have edited the post above to make it more understandable to the people coming in the MMOSITE DN Forums. I will also correct any unclear statements if I take notice of them.

Also as an addition:

9 - Do not necro threads.
If you see threads whose replies have passed a few months or even a year, please do refrain from posting in them and create a new thread instead. Chances are the details in the post are outdated.

10 - Remember to use the SEARCH function.
That button exists for a reason. If you can't find what you need in the DN Forums then try searching in the Guild Huds (i.e. Freedom, TheLoosers) .

Feel free to PM me or any other mod for questions about the MMOSITE DN Forum.

[ The post was edited by Hououin Kyouma at Jul 8, 2012 11:02 am ]


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