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DN SEA new FTG system Guide: FTG farming and leveling tips

Mar 25, 2012 8:39 pm
DN SEA has changed its FTG system with its latest patch. This is a guide on how to adapt to the new FTG system.

FTG system encourages more PVP and making more characters instead of mindless grinding/farming.

Economy will crash at first, but after that i believe you will find a better economy where nest materials are no longer overpriced.

Difference between Full FTG and Hybrid FTG system
- Full FTG: At any level, you consume the full amount of FTG when going into a dungeon. This slows down leveling and lowers supply of codes, gems and equipment.
- Hybrid FTG: If your not at the level cap, you consume only 10% of the FTG when going into a dungeon. Leveling will be more or less the same but this prevents grinding and injecting too much supply of high level items into the economy.

Ways to adapt/farm
- Master-Apprentice system: Go to newbie towns and find apprentices. While running dungeons with apprentices, you do not consume any FTG. You get keys every run. This can be sold for gold at NPCs at depending on whether Chaos Opening is popular, you might be able to sell one stack of keys for a significant amount of gold in AH.
- Find a friend to create a newbie and be your apprentice. Train the apprentice to level 32 and delete it. Rinse and repeat. Hope for gold bunnies and good skill plates + keys. Share the gold earned among both your mains.
- Creating more characters and training them. Also gives you more characters to run weekly nest limits including :Theme park, nests, chaos openings.
- PVP and ladder
- (In the future, you will be able to redeem: Epic skill plates/enhancement plates/code pouches/crafting materials using ladder points and medals. New way to grind!)

Where to get stuff you used to get from dungeons
- Epic Potential Codes: Run dungeons with an apprentice and pick up gifts. Gift to cassius palace and redeem code pouches. Apocalypse Nest Hell full run(clear all bosses and open royal chest). Ladder(in the future)
- Jewels: PVP, Run dungeons with apprentices, Redeem wonderful theme park coupons, ladder(in the future). Do all the quests that you never did/skipped for grinding. They give a substanial amount of jewels in total. Enjoy the story!
- Alternatively, lvl 24 and above dungeons drop epic and rare intermediate codes and jewels. Make sure your apprentice does not share the same base class as you and you're guaranteed to get the codes of your class.
- Materials for crafting suffix: Chaos Opening.
- Enhancement Codes/Comet Dust: Nesting on different characters. 113/13 comet dust will seem a lot after not being able to enhance and disassemble in the days of unlimited farm. DNSEA might drop the amount of comet dust/sunsparks needed in the future to exchange for codes.

A more detailed guide on Master-Apprentice: FTG FARMING AND LEVELING

Start partying and stop soloing!
Party reduces the FTG consumed by 1/3(around 120 FTG points used per abyss dungeon instead of 300). Make sure your party consists of 4 different classes. That way you make sure that each classes get their epic potential code. Works even better for leveling as there will be more party up for bonus exp events with FTG system.

Where to waste your time in Dragon Nest after finishing FTG or getting bored with all the above options
- Achievements! Gotta get them all!
- PVP. Get the golden diamond rank!
- Ladder.
- Dark Lair
- Nest Practice Mode (Solo SDN ftw!)

Why FTG system can stabilize the economy
- Everyone is limited to a certain amount of runs per day. Sooner or later the current supply of materials and jewels from the ABP era will be exhausted. Especially when 50cap/academic comes.
- If everyone makes 4 characters and farm all the current level cap nests, there will definitely be enough supply of nest mats to drop the price of nest mats low. (FYI, 5 piece archbishop cost only 300gold in CN server). With nest items dropping so low, there's no way you can price the blues and oranges above the amount needed to make nest sets.
- You get comet dust from nests too. That means more vortex codes and spiral codes(not as much as compared to ABP era, but still enhancement does not become a problem anymore, no need to rely on jewels). Jewels prices will rely on vortex/spiral codes. You can't price them above the codes too.
- What will become expensive and hard to get: Potentials. Codes cannot be gotten from anywhere other than dungeon and ladder in DNCN, so they are expensive. This, 3rd stat plates,  higher grade sets with +11 and above will be what differentiate an average player from pros.
- With the FTG system, you dont need to play as much to get good equipment!. In DNCN, everyone has a lvl 50A nest set. Im serious. By lvling from 1-50, its no problem for me to get a +7 50A archbishop 5 piece with just the gold that i looted from dungeons and gotten from quests.

Credits to: DN SEA forum

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Mar 26, 2012 4:03 pm
archbishop nest set depends on class and server. for instance sorceress's set are really expensive so u have to buy the mats :x i think for sorc its like 100g per piece and 200g for weps if u craft it all


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