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DN Farming,Fishing and Cooking Recipes

Mar 2, 2012 12:25 am
Honestly speaking I don't have any idea about fishing and farming so i gather some Info about this...Since my favorite routine is to be an AFK at the game hahaha...SO i decided to post this.. Hope it will help a lot especially for those who wanted to know a lot about fishing and farming.
First All you have to do is get an VIP pass to access at Farm channel
you can find it at the cash shop..You need this for farming, cooking and fishing.
And you must be a level 24 higher.

For Fishing you need all this tools
Fishing Rod, Baits (Earthworm). Can be bought from the old man.
1 hour of fishing= 80 baits.So you must prepare the corresponding amount of baits defending on how long you're gonna be afk.
Here are Some List of Marine Products
lvl Req.1

For Farming you must need this tools.
Seeds, Water Cans, Sickle
For easy way of Fast farming mastery,all you have to do is to plant the highest level seed available to you when just started out, NO NEED to water your crops, let them rot. You will get farming experience the moment you plant your seed.
>>Harvested crops will only stay in your crops storage for 15 days. Take them out before expire!
Here are Some Farm Crops

And for the cooking you must need
Pot and Ladle.
For easy cooking mastery you just need to cook the grade B foods,..and cook the grade A once you are be able to cook this.

List of recipes still ongoing

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Nov 29, 2012 11:04 pm
is there a way to level cooking fast?..

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