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Speed Terminator Title

Feb 5, 2012 8:09 pm

Just want to share this cau'se there's a lot of player asking on how to get this title..

So here it is.

Stats : 30-30 Attack / Magical Attack, 20 Strength, 20 Agility, 18 Intelligence, 15 Vitality

I'll make this simple as I can coz I'm a lazy ass person.

Theres 2(TWO) types of dungeon Achievement List. Inform me if there's more

1. Abyss Only - Achievements gained if you do Abyss difficulty. Can't be gained in master,hard,normal and easy.

2. Specified Difficulty - Achievements gained when you do specific difficulties such as Master or hard.

Press "L" or simply click the "STAR" icon above your quick skill bar to see the achievement list and click on the "Dungeon" tab. Now if you scroll down you'll notice the "Abyss" Achievement list and the other list on which you get other achievements when you do specific dungeon difficulties. Screenshots below

Take note that you should do the other achievements 1st before you can unlock the following Achievements/Titles! You also need to finish the chain Abyss quests from the Heraldry NPC in Calderock and Saint Haven if the lists doesn't show!
Now on with the guide!

Sprint Instinct/Sprinter - Clear the dungeon within 20 mins. (Abyss) - Raiders Ambush Point/Marauder's Lair

Ambush Detector/Ambush Defuser - Clear the dungeon within 15 mins. (Master) - Raiders Ambush Point/Marauder's Lair

Berserker - Clear the dungeon within 20 mins. (Abyss) - Sanctuary Core/Sanctuary Nexus

Endless/Unstoppable - Clear the dungeon within 20 mins. (Abyss) - Church Ruins/Temple Chapel

Lightning Fast/Quick as Lightning- Clear the dungeon within 20 mins. (Master) - Death Basin/Basin of the Fallen

Magical/Mysterious - Clear the dungeon within 15 mins. (Master) - Dark Mines/Black Mines

Hula Hooper/Huffer and Puffer - Clear the dungeon within 15 mins. (Master) - Abandoned Welton Hollow/Rockthorn Gorge

Rolling Master/Roll Master - Clear the dungeon within 15 mins. (Master) - Forsaken Islet/Desolate Isle

Area Locations for NA players and also for those SEA Players that are too lazy to look for it


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Jun 22, 2012 7:16 pm
Question. Im from DN SEA, i have problem with this one "Sanctuary Core/Sanctuary Nexus". I run abyss and master but i cant get the title... Please... Kakainis paulit ulit na gngwa ko pro ayw prin...


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    Jun 22, 2012 8:06 pm
    Reply 1#  193.*.*.12


    Jun 23, 2012 8:48 pm
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    You probably haven't finished Birth of the Abyss (Level 23 Abyss Dungeons Quest). You need to finish those Abyss quests to unlock the achievement for the higher tier abyss dungeons of that level.


    Jan 20, 2013 4:00 am
    hi, i cant seem to get the level 15 quest from the heraldry guy. there isnt any quest by him and im level 35

    Mar 27, 2013 9:14 pm
    Ummmm sa sprint instinct. Paulitulit nlng ako. Natapos ko na duon sa heraldy scolar hindi ko parin makuha nung title sa raiders ambush point! ? Plsss help


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