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NPC Gifting Guide

Jan 14, 2012 4:29 am

It has been said throughout the guides here that gifting to NPCs yield awesome rewards. Yeah it does, from epic codes and octagonal waters to discounts and overcharge, the gifting system has significantly made the dragon nest gameplay creatively unique. And by the way, this guide is basically not for gifting introductions like of whose gifts are for that npc and stuff of that sort. If you're looking for that I recommend you visit this guide. It's currently the most complete guide on Dragon Nest NPC gifting.

First and foremost though, if you're wondering how many faction points each gift tier gives to a faction, the table below summarizes all your needs.

How do you farm gifts? Well, you don't essentially farm them, as you get them as compliments for dimensional fragments that abyss bunnies drop. So basically, to farm gifts, you should farm abyss bunnies. And the best way to do that is either to run abyss dungeons with a lowbie - a gap of 9 levels between you (Sigh Canyon, Dark Tower Magic Institute) or just plain solo it out. (Dried Marissa Spring, Dark Overlord Keep, and Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army ) I would recommend you do it with a lowbie as the rewards are far greater if you would include the dimensional keys and frags. The theme park also provides epic grade gifts, but they're more for the friendship points because they provide significantly lower faction points.

One main question still is what rewards should you farm and what faction should you prioritize over the other?
Answer is, since the abyss bunnies now reward gifts by random (few gifts per stage) you cannot really prioritize one over the other and farm specific rewards. Still, diversification works best here. You need the 15% overcharge for selling dimensional frags, likewise, you also need the epic intermediate codes of the palace's faction and the octagonal waters for jewel farming of the free adventurer's guild. So basically it's always a win-win situation. So to sum it up, how do you cash in?

- Exchange Cassius Palace faction points for Epic Intermediate Codes - 400pts.- price is around 70-90g for agates, 100-120g for crystals, and 140-150g for diamonds.)
- Exchange Free Adventurer's Guild faction points for octagonal waters - 51pts - for use on ordinary jewels to convert them to polished ones.
-Rack up to 2500 points and exchange it for a unique VIP Golden Goose membership to gain 15% extra on all your npc-able loots. (Loots worthy of this are warning signs, dark runes, or simply those that sell for 1g and above.)

Don't worry because if you farm bunnies hardcore you'll be able to do this all the way and cash it up pretty decently. Also if you would notice, it's the Cassius palace faction that has the best items for exchange, and so I suggest you stock up on goddess teardrops for you to be able to exchange them for incomplete seals.

Also remember that gifts are only compliments to your original farming efforts. If you normally run dungeons for jewels (Master difficulty), you'll be able to farm normal grade gifts whilst if you run for dimensional frags (abyss), you'll be able to farm magic and rare grade gifts. These gifts only provide you with the extra gold to help you make the most out of your runs.

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Jan 15, 2012 1:29 am
incomplete seals are so hard cant even seal 1 intermediate


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    Jan 15, 2012 1:54 am
    Reply 0#  khuletstalaga

    yah sealing an items with an incomplete seal stamps is not an easy thing to do..But there's chance... actually i'm also using it hahaha but just don't lose hope hahaha..


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