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Forum Home Dragon Nest CANT OPEN DNLAUNCHER :(


Jan 7, 2011 7:45 am
That apparear me when try open the launcher :(
i tried Run like administrator and no work :(
any ideas?

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Jan 7, 2011 7:57 am
i think its running in the background? try task manager and see if its running. if it is, close it down. If that doesnt work restart pc.

cos that happens to me on a daily basis =[

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    Jan 7, 2011 8:27 am
    Ill try thanks :)

    Sep 28, 2011 8:46 am
    i cant open cabal at 17:46 ...why?... mantenimience?

    Sep 28, 2011 6:53 pm
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    as of 9:49 pm est all but 2 c dn servers appear to still be down although i seem to have just updated to version 92 this evening. hope this helps. when in doubt check the color of the crytal next to the server name you use on the initial launcher. a grey crystal means the server is offline either due to maint. , update, or other issues on the server end.

    Oct 9, 2011 3:50 am
    can you attach a file of dnlauncher here? my antivirus deleted it :| :| :|

    Jul 14, 2012 9:21 pm

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