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Dragon Nest New Patch Launched! Free Skill-reset Scroll

Oct 19, 2010 2:00 am
Finally the new patch is available! Have you tried the new features? Here is my last thread:  Dragon Nest CN New Patch Preview

But now I have surprise for you guys! Free Skill-reset Scroll is expecting you! WOW!!!!!!

To celebrate the Dragon Nest CN new patch, the official has started many great events!

Event One:

Tutor System

Dragon Nest launches tutor system! From Octo 19th -Nove 10th, the top 10 tutors in your server could get special cash items, including Skill-reset Scroll! The tutor who had 2/3 graduated apprentice could also get item reward. The graduated apprentice could get a Rank A necklace as reward.

#Only lv32+ players could be the tutor, lv1-29 players could be the apprentice! The tutor must be lv 10 higher than the apprentice.
# Right click the character to apply to be his/her tutor or apprentice!

Event Two:

Celebrating in the weekend

The event will last from October 22th 9:00A.M to October 24th 9:00 A.M

# On 24th, you will get higher EXP and drop rate!
# If you could use more 200 FTG  each day, after the weekend you could ger a free Skill-reset Scroll. The item is limited to be used in 24 hours.

Event Three:

Heading for  Lv 40

From Octo 19th to Nove 10th, the official will randomly pick 100 lv 40 players in each server and give out 888 cash shop points; and pick another 10 lv 40 players to give out 8888 cash shop points!

More to expect in latest Dragon Nest CN!

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Oct 20, 2010 12:13 am
hello admin, i have a problem with my account [DN-CN]. the two characters that i made was erased and leave my account with zero characters. i was able to log in and play Oct. 19, 2010 but when i logged in on Oct. 20, 2010 they were erased.

and also i when i logged in my account in the game it will say  "The system has determined that your account is not verified, please go to pwd.sdo.com site information to fill up."

i can't find the verification button in the site or any information to fill up. i tried to translate it and add email and verified it but the msg will still pop out after i logged in.

Do DN-CN have erased my characters? T_T

i would appreciate your reply.

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    Nov 9, 2010 10:42 am
    maybe its because u choos the wrong server pay atention to the reight side of the server it will have the number of character u own on that server like this 以快速的攻击速(2)


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