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Acrobat Skill build and Guide

Aug 12, 2010 1:16 am
Ok this is my first ever guide and its a long read so please bare with me.

I have a lvl 32 Acrobat on 华北网通一区 CN Dragon nest.

Acobats are not good at doing missions, we do not have alotHP, and we are a melee DPS class.
Most players do not want to party with Acrobats because of this.
In Group PVP we usually get killed pretty fast, But...
If you know what your doing, Acrobats are the king of 1v1 PVP.

If your good at controlling your Acrobat, you would only be subpar compared to other classes,
but if you are VERY GOOD with controlling your Acrobat, you cannot be stopped.

Acrobat is not a easy class to master, We have very low HP, and very low defense,
similar to Mages. But we are not a range class, we have to get up close and personal...
Unlike other Melee DPS class (Mercs, SM, Pallys) we do not have the same HP and DEF as them,
so we cannot clash into battle head on. We must avoid being hit, and evasive at all times.
Acrobat skills are made for 1v1 PVP, for range classes we have skills like tumble, chain tumble, and binding shot to enclose the distance, once we are in close range, we can have our fun.

Usually my combo would be twin shot , kick and shot , spiral kick , revolving hit,  airwalk , moonsault kick or eagles descent , then twin shot , multi shot, end it with a circle shot , then repeat.

If you choose to use binding shot first to enclose the distance, then continue with revolving hit , airwalk , moonsault kick or eagles descent , kick and shot m spiral kick , twin shot , then multi shot , and end it with a circle shot .

When confronting a Forceuser, enclose distance ASAP! and do what i said above, a set of skills will most likely finish them, if not, just repeat.

Elemental Lords are a beast, they will glacial wave you and finish you off with a fire wall,
so when you are frozen by the glacial wave, get ready to chain tumble your way as far as possible, then binding shot and give them all you got.

If the opponents not dead, wait for your skills to cool down and repeat,

For mercs, SM, and pallys, do not give them time for their skills to cool down,
once you see them , at a distance twin shot them, try to keep a distance in the beginning, by using twin shot or multishot, once in range kick and shot, if by any chance they stop your attack and hit you, hit space to aerial evade the attack and drop them a eagle descent, or just click left mouse when they hit you in the air for a cancel circle shot, then continue with revolving kick, airwalk, moonsault kick, kick and shot , spiral kick, twin shot, multi shot, and right after your done, chain tumble your way out of there away from danger, wait for your cool down to finish, and repeat.

Mercs and SM hits hard, do not let them use combos, once hit aerial evade or cancel circle shot and get out of harms way, they run faster than you so there is no need in running, make sure they are infront of you at all times. Pallys are very tough to beat, they have thick armors, and alot of HP,
but its not impossible, do not let them combo no matter what, a skilled Pally can hit you continually none stop until you are dead, but good thing we have aerial evasion, and cancel circle shot, get out of there and try again.

the following is a similar skill build to what im using.

Acrobat skills are nothing fancy, but it is very useful if used correctly.
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Aug 12, 2010 1:47 am
Thanks for your sharing!
Ah, thanks! You level up so fast!
I am a level 22 bowmaster currently.


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    Aug 13, 2010 8:47 pm
    No ultimate?? I don't think this build would be very nice. >.> I have a 32 Force User on KR version and always aim for one of the 2 or 3 ultimate skills.

    EDIT: Was this build meant for LV 32 cap? If so, then you should set the level cap to 32 since it seems that you have 140 SP left which is way too much to leave.. That is excluding quests.. Wow man..

    Seriously, you need to completely rework the build and use experience from the game itself. You left nearly 200 points.. Sad
    This post has been modified on Aug 13 , 2010 11:19:29 PM by   JohnSanctity.


    Aug 14, 2010 5:55 am
    Originally Posted by JohnSanctity
    No ultimate?? I don't think this build would be very nice. >.> I have a 32 Force User on KR version and always aim for one of the 2 or 3 ultimate skills.

    EDIT: Was this build meant for LV 32 cap? If so, then you should set the level cap to 32 since it seems that you have 140 SP left which is way too much to leave.. That is excluding quests.. Wow man..

    Seriously, you need to completely rework the build and use experience from the game itself. You left nearly 200 points.. Sad
    This post has been modified on Aug 13 , 2010 11:19:29 PM by   JohnSanctity.

    i Agreed 100% with all you have said.
    So true, this build it isnt so good... Its based on lvl 32 cap builds, same with swordmaser build from ben187, i corrected the swordmaster build based on my experience (Sm 35). i dont got an acrobat so i couldnt correct too much... But the ultimate skills are amazing. And if you think well 100 sp is nothing, there are skills which cost is 50 Sp to lern and 15 sp to upgrade by 1 lvl and when you get the skill on lvl 3/4/5 they hit the half as an ultimate skill, Sad


    Aug 15, 2010 6:44 pm
    Acrobats arent about Ultimate skills and this is for lvl 32 because its still lvl 32 cap for chinese servers,
    once lvl 40 is up ill update, Acrobats arent about flashy ultimate skills but how you mix up your skills.

    Aug 15, 2010 6:58 pm
    I'll be working for the Astral Illusion skill. You do know that you can set the level you are simulated as on the Simulator, right? (32)

    Also, I agree in some way, but the Ultimates are so powerful. In this situation, I think they would do well in pvp.


    Aug 16, 2010 6:16 pm
    the ultimates are for lvl 40, as i said, this guide is for the lvl cap at the moment for CH server, which is lvl 32.

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      Aug 16, 2010 6:26 pm
      Yeah, but you always should be prepared for the future instead of RUINING your character because of a currently Level cap. Think ahead, not present.


      Aug 17, 2010 9:55 pm
      thats the good thing about skill reset,
      to go for that skill i would need to give up on alot of skills i need,
      do you know what that would do to a acrobat in pvp? even pvm?
      so i would need to give up all those skills for the ultimate, which the cooldown would take forever,
      by the time it cools down, id be dead

      Jul 6, 2011 1:48 am
      which job did u wan to chg? tempest or windrunner??
      u may learn Astral illusion if u wan to become the tempest...if u wan to be wind runner, u may learn spiral edge:D

      Oct 14, 2011 6:12 am
      which is best for pvp tempest or windrunner??

      Oct 26, 2011 12:23 am
      this build aint really that good. we have lvl 32 now in DN sea. and this doesnt add up at all. i got both my lvl 32 skill.. as the guy said it aint about the skills you have to mix them up. but what good is combo with out a finisher?

      u dont even have spirit boost. i mean 30% spd increase? come on.. you gotta be kidding me if you dont take that buff [SMILE=9]

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        Oct 28, 2011 7:01 am
        this build is freaking old ==......
        acrobat is not about the skills, +1 point, it's about how you mix your skills together to make it effective. +1 point.

        also... acrobat's skill has very low cooldown, i think she has the most lowest cooldown on skills among all other classes.
        it doesn't matter about how good the damage is. for acrobat, get as much skills as possible so you don't need to worry about "all skill on cooldown, or not enough skill to combo."
        in lv 32, the skill might be messed up alittle because there's not enough sp to add them up.

        (i messed mine up by adding HP and SP mastery which cost me 12 sp, I sacraficed spirit boost for now since I've already added it up for now.)

        Spirit boost is indeed very important, but you still can fight without it, there's no point adding it when you lack of sp to get other lv 29/32 skills, or lack of skills. because you'll just used up all your skill and run into cooldown.....but it's up to you guys to get it or not.(PS: i prefer getting it after lv cap increase to 40)
        Unlike other classes, acrobat doesn't need to invest lots of points into one or two skills to get damage from them, they need more skills instead, because that why they can be very deadly to any of the classes, especially pinned down, don't worry about getting some archer skills, you'll need it when your acrobat skills are in cooldown (or when they are on the floor, and your kick&shot is on cooldown, you can delay them with archer skills like twin shot, piercing shot, magic arrow and multi-shot, these skills can even make them fall over after getting up if you're skillful enough, multi-shot follow by twin shot or magic arrow follow by twinshot.)

        Also, since acrobat has low damages "Not counted the combo", they make up for their damage with critical, get as much critical stat as possible, mine having 2.8k for a lv 31 player, which is kinda good. with the help of critical boost"Wise of the owl" my critical can increase to 10k for 15 second, there's no people can counter that much critical I guess.

        In PvP, there's no such thing as "Imbalance" and "Overpowered" You might think they were overpowered, because you're weak and they're good. Or you didn't master your skills yet and simply rush into killing.
        It's hard for all classes, and for Acrobat, the hardest to fight against is Swordmasters, Mercenaries, Paladin and BowMasters. Like I said, it's kind of one sided for the fight but it's NOT impossible to kill them.
        For bowmasters, the tip is "Hug them"
        For Swordmasters, "Stay in distance/counter attack when got the chance"
        For Mercenaries, "SPAM!!!!!"
        For Paladin, "Don't let them use skills even for once"

        Plan ahead your secondary stat,(In PvP, stat like Paralyses, Stun, Criticals do have affect on pvp, the only thing doesn't affect is HP, MP, Attack, Matk, Def, Mdef. Skill level also increase the damage on PvP, and Property Atk/Def do affect in pvp too.)
        Acrobats have very low stat in Paralyses, Stun and so on. Because of that, you're having hard to fighting against other classes with high resistance.
        But having buff up those stats, it'll gives you mush more power and enable you to fight with them on par.
        Like Mercenaries and Swordmasters, they have very high Paralyses Resist, but having moderate Stun resist, with your paralyses and stun buffed you'll have at least alittle chance to paralyses them and a chance to stun them, giving you the upper hand if they did get stunned
        And for Paladin's, They have crazy high Stun resist but having problem with Paralyses resist, although it's above moderate, it's enough to keep them away from you with your stat buffed.

        Abusing Double somersault kick, drop kick, spiral kick, biding shot, blooming kick and so on.
        (PS: even without lv 32 skills, if you're good you still able to kill your opponent, although might take a longer time.)

        I'm currently a level 31 acrobat and I'm already happy that I have positive score almost every matchs (Not from KS)

        Being an Acrobat, when you're facing two or more enemy in PvP, there's a big chance that you'll get ganked, try move away from them and back into your party group.
        If you think you can handle them, try and keep them accompany with as much time as possible so your team able to get the other guys "Gank your opponent", and keep dodging like mad/counter attack whenever you got hit or avoid their damage skills, it's pretty hard but not impossible. (Done a 3 - 1 gank against me and survive for 15 second, enough for my teammate to gank the other two dude outside. (5v5 match) )

        Don't afraid of dying, instead be brave and fight them after your party rush into them(not you rush into them, unless you wanna get ganked)
        Support your teammate if you think you can;t go across the crossfire between two teams.
        Always look at the map(map awareness) and help your party members who getting gank or going to get gank.
        Flack your opponent is a very good strategy for Acrobat, but always flack your opponent with someone help from your side (don't need to worry about this when it's only a 4v4 match)
        Abuse spirit shot and Spiral Kick, Abuse them, confuse your enemy. They won't know what you'll do.
        Always do a different combo with your skills, don't keep the same combo over and over, your opponent might be stupid but they still able to guess your style and counters your combo if you're doing it over and over again.
        Acrobat's combo is flexible, there may be more then 10 combos or 20, you just need to figure it out, abuse the skills.
        Example, (Kick & Shot follow by binding shot without shooting the three arrows allow you to pull your enemy and start juggling who is lying on the ground)

        (Double Somersault > Air Pounce > Eagle dive, it's hard to use this but deadly as a mini finisher, and it can still be continue with Kick & Shot follow by willow kick, or spiral kick follow by Kick & Shot, or Twin shot > Spiral Kick > Willow Kick > Binding Shot > More Double Somersault "Thx to no cooldown" > Drop kick > Spin Kick > Blooming Kick >"Spam your mouse 2, if lucky, more Double Somersault kick" > Kick & Shot > Willow Kick > Air Pounce > Eagle Dive > Spiral Kick > Multi-shot for finisher > any archer skills you want since the enemy still on the down, gives you extra time for having your skill cooldown faster.)

        I shouldn't share the combos but who cares, it's been awhile since OBT and lots of people know it already so~~~~~

        [ The post was edited by Koh Kok Pin at Oct 28, 2011 7:19 am ]

        Dec 5, 2011 11:44 pm
        [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/49/20100812/Acrobat_Skill_build_and_Guide-4da8286e119572f13-1.html#p4da828778d2eb9]0#[/url] [i]2sick2die[/i][/b] [br] [br]nice build skill!..

        Sep 19, 2013 6:53 pm
        The skills in the scroll are not complete


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