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DCUO Guide: T4 Prime Battleground Raid

Apr 1, 2012 8:15 pm
The raid is one big continuous fight featuring 3 Avatars (Meta / Magic / Tech) and an end confrontation with Brainiac. The Prime Avatars switch between them, with one of them active at any one time. There is one spawner behind each avatar that continuously spawns adds of that affiliation(meta/magic/tech). When killed, these adds drop an element that can be used to lower the spawner shield. After 3 elements were gathered, the spawner can be destroyed and no more adds will spawn.

When all 3 spawners are down, the avatars will be surrounded by healer bots that heal everything (even the avatars that are inactive).

After all 3 avatars are killed, Brainiac spawns in the middle for the end-fight.

The fight has 3 phases:
A. Focusing on the adds and getting two spawners down (Meta and Tech).
B. Defeating the prime avatars.
C. Defeating Brainiac.

Prime Avatars and their mechanics
1. Avatar of Tech
Easiest one, has basically the same mechanics as the one in BC3. He does a rocket attack, flamethrower attack and orange reticules of death. Nothing special. Underneath him there’s a ssafe spot, just like in BC3.

2. Avatar of Magic
This one has 3 mechanics:
- Normal phase – He spawns yellow circles on the floor that have a huge range. Roll out of those.
- Vulture phase – He has huge wings on his shoulders, flies in the air, moves really fast and casts downdraft (DOT) and whirlwind. The whirlwind is a one-shot so try to keep your distance.
- Pokemon phase – He spawns astral constructs (roc, lion, etc) that deal damage and stun people. Focus on the adds until they go down.

3. Avatar of Meta
This one is the hardest one. He has a number of mechanics that switch in rapid succession:
- Shooting purple balls – He shoots 2 purple balls one after the other. They can be blocked, just like in FOS2.
- Summoning a huge purple tentacle- The tentacle cannot be killed and has a huge range on it. Safest bet is to just retreat out of range until it despawns.
- Summoning yellow lightning storms on the ground – These are raid wipers. As soon as he pumps his arms into the ground, look for yellow bolts underneath your feet and try to roll out of it. Fliers can try to roll upwards or just fly away. Cannot be healed through, just keep rolling until you’re safe.

Fight Sequence
A. At first, just jump into the center and ignore whatever boss spawned. Kill all the adds and bring the elements to the spawners. Destroy the Meta and Tech spawners when you are able, but leave the Magic one standing (carry all 3 elements though). You don’t want the healing bots on and the Magic adds are not that problematic.

B. After 2 spawners are disabled, start focusing on the bosses. Pay attention to the above mentioned mechanics until all of them are dead. Take your time with Meta. He’s the most common wiper.

C. At the end, Brainiac spawns. He has ALL of the mechanics of the Prime Avatars and some more but is quite low on health. Healing bots WILL spawn on this fight regardless so destroy the last spawner (Magic) as soon as you are able. Burn him down while keeping your distance. Debuff and kill the healing bots as soon as they spawn.

A Brainiac mechanic to note is when he brings his jets in front of him and fires off blue flames. Everyone needs to stay away, out of reach, until the animation ends.

Meleeing this raid is hard and not advisable. Meta and Brainiac will one-shot people who get too close, as will the purple tentacle, the yellow bolts, the orange reticules and the yellow/blue magic circles.

Oh and btw, the tank should get aggro, healers should heal, trollers should debuff and the dps should try to hit stuff.

So basically, we need to take out the Meta spawner first (gets rid of sentries and phasers) so that everyone can start flying again. Then Tech spawner, so that Wing Armors don’t suck everyone into a spot of Avatar death (tentacle, missile strike, void zone). Then DPS whichever Avatar is up until all three are down. Then take out the Magic spawner. Then Brainiac.

Source from: Here

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Jul 10, 2012 11:53 pm
Thanks for the guide, im searching for this the whole time

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