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DCUO Weapons Guide

Apr 1, 2011 1:08 am
When picking your weapon be sure to take your time and choose wisely as this will go a long way determining in how strong your character is.

Melee Weapons
Includes: One-Handed, Brawling, Duel Wield, Martial Arts, Staff, and Two-Hand.

If you have never played DC Universe Online or any other MMORPG before, melee weapons require that you be at a close range to your opponents when fighting them.

Melee weapons are standard choices for players who want have short-range powers (such as Immolation, Cryogenics, Shapeshifting, and Gadgetry).

One-Handed - One-handed weapons are balanced weapons. If you are not sure what to pick, this is a good choice. Players who use one-handed weapons have both average strength and versatility.

Brawler - At least at a lower damage, the damage dealt by the Brawler weapon is on the low-end, but they are able to take a decent amount of damage, making them a cross between a true tanking class and a damage dealer.

Duel-Wield - Duel-Wield characters is one of the top damage-dealing specializations and seems to the primary melee Area of Effect (AoE) class.

In other words, Duel Wield characters will be have abilities that attack multiple characters, making them good at killing enemies repeatedly. This is a good skill for new players as it helps them level quickly and find good items and currency.

Martial Arts - Martial Arts is the ideal weapon choice for anyone who wants to tank. If you want to play in a group and want to be a tank, pick this class. This class specializes in avoiding damage rather than dealing it, making it pretty boring to play solo.

Note: Pair up Cryogenic Powers and Martial Arts for the ultimate tanking class.

Staves - Staves, right up there with Bow and Brawler, are one of the least exciting weapons in the game. These are ideal for players who want to PvP and play with caster powers (like Sorcery or the Plant specialization within nature).

Staves are designed for "crowd control" and help you control your enemies. This is invaluable in player versus player and stave-wielding characters will always be useful in epic large-scale fights.

Two-Handed - The Two-Handed weapons deal the biggest amounts of damage but are also very slow. In other words, your single swings will deal a lot of damage to the enemy, but you can get "caught" with your slow abilities.

If your enemy is good at evading you, it can be frustrating trying to deal damage to them. However, when you catch them, you will be able to do a lot of damage!

Ranged Weapons
Includes: Hand Blaster, Bow, Dual Pistols, Rifle

Ranged weapons allow players to sit back and attack the enemy safely from range. Traditionally, players who use ranged weapons do not have as good of defense as players who use melee weapons.

Instead, they specialize in using their abilities to stay away from their enemies and shooting them from a safe distance. Ranged classes are generally excel in player versus player and group play but suffer when playing solo.

After putting together this DC Universe Online Weapons guide, I think that both melee and ranged weapons are good choices, but as a beginner you may find it easier to play with a melee weapon at first.

Hand Blaster - The Hand Blaster appears to be one of the best PvP classes as they are given certain abilities to push back their enemies. Combine this with Sorcery or Telekinesis and it will be hard for your opponents to get close to you.

Bow - The bow does solid damage from range but suffers if you allow your enemy to get too close. In PvP, you will do well when ambushing your opponent.

Dual Pistols - Dual Pistols are the ranged equivalent of Duel-Wield: they are great against multiple opponents. This makes this a great choice for player versus player as you will be able to shoot multiple enemies and still have some decent abilities when you are in melee range.

Rifle - Rifles tend to deal great damage but also rely on the group for support. You have a hard time keeping distance as a Rifle user, so your soloing ability is limited.

Hopes it will help you.

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Jul 15, 2011 11:23 am
Reply 0#  JosephWill

Soloing with a ranged weapon in general is very, very difficult

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    Mar 27, 2012 5:24 am
    Dual... It's DUAL, not sodding "duel". Sorry, yes grammar nazis are irritating bastards, I hated them too, then I learned english and suddenly I don't see them around as much ^_^.
    Also big thanks for the guide, there isn't a lot of good dcuo guides around, so every one I find is a tremendous help. [SMILE=3]

    Jul 10, 2012 9:07 pm
    Weapons that have lots of stun effects will help you on pvp's

    Aug 22, 2012 7:57 pm
    A new player can solo easily thru quests with a bow if match it with Illusion im new to DCOU and it was prob the funniest combo ive found so far

    Nov 25, 2012 5:17 pm
    Thanks for the help!


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