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October Events That Includes Free Crates and No DEATHS! 2012 Update!

Oct 26, 2012 4:15 pm
Halloween is soon approaching and the elimination map is finally set out for players to battle it out for victory.
Check out the video below to see the halloween maps layout.

Although when I first saw this trailer I was surprise to see fox character that was released in other servers (For Crates) was in this video. Thinking that a new character will be release, I read the forums news and saw that it was just a mistake that was given out. Due to both servers "sharing" there was an overlap in the video, which pretty much stirred false hope in a new character release. Also Z8 is not thinking of releasing this new character soon so I wont be expecting to see the Fox character to come to our servers.

So here are the updates:
New Weapons
Halloween Mega Crate - FR-F2 Halloween, Mauser Halloween, M4A1-X Halloween (limited time only)
Jack Hammer - Second Update
AUG A3 - Second Update

Halloween Items
Pumpkin Grenade
Pumpkin Hat
Pumpkin Backpack
Pumpkin Spray
Pumpkin Namecard

Patch Events
October 25 - 31st
Halloween Map Marathon!
Play in the Halloween Map (EM or TDM) and win KTR-08 crates!
Play in the new map for up to 10+ hours during the event period and win 2 + 3 + 5 KTR-08 crates for a total of 10 KTR-08 Crates!

The event page is up to track your hours. They are handing out crate prizes at 2 hours, then again at 5 hours then again at 10 hours. So be sure to keep track of your hours and don't miss this opportunity to get FREE ZP CRATES! So be prepared to play for 10 hours for those crates because it is FREE after all.
*Minimum 6 players in a room to have your map time counted.Here is the link to see your hours:http://crossfire.z8games.com/events_page.aspx

October 27 and 28th
If you are thinking about that golden tactic you have saved up for a while, but was too worried about dying, then here is your chance to try something new!
The Dead Live to celebrate Halloween!
There will be no deaths counted on all CF Servers in all games on October 27th and 28th between the hours of 1-4pm EDT (5-9pm GMT).
Take advantage of this moment to finally receive that clutch killer ribbon you have always been looking for. Other than that look forward to this event to raise even your highest K/D without worrying about ruining your fame.

Stay tuned for a Login event on Halloween to win yourself a Halloween Treat! So check back often to see if there is any in store for you.

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Trying to rank up!

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Nov 6, 2012 2:57 am
I win KTR-08

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