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Help to know more about habit in MMO instances

Jun 29, 2017 6:10 am
I'm adeveloper and former MMORPG player who started with WoW then Aion and finally Tera.
With a colleague and friend, we have a game project for which we need your opinion toclarify / confirm our game design. We are both from an independent studio andit is backed by our experience that we would try to create our own project.

Therefore,we developed this short survey in order to know the desires of the players.
It will nottake long, and the more people will respond, the better our data will be.Participation in this survey will also greatly assist us in defending ourproject with investors in order to recruit a few people.
For now, wecannot share the details of this project but, if it emerges, the result will beshared here in the first place.

For thetime being, we are mainly trying to identify the weak points of the instances system and raids in the current MMORPGs. Do not hesitate to send us yourcomments and suggestions at the end of the form or as a result of this post.


Finally, thank you for reading this post to the end. If you wish, do not hesitate toshare this post FB that I created on which is the link to the survey in Frenchand English.


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"One man armed with the right word may do what an army of swordsmen cannot" - Robin Hobb

NarLoke, Co-founder of Sentry Games

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    Apr 2, 2018 3:28 pm
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