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Much preferred by many

Dec 7, 2009 9:43 pm
In ancient Greece, there is evidence of a considerable increase in tourist traffic, particularly for the Olympic Games and other festivals.  Such traveling sometimes evoked adverse response and some of the Greek thinkers like Plato did not view these travels with much favor.  On the contrary, the contribution made by foreigners and visitors to the prosperity of Athens was recognized as early as in the 4th BC itself.  The author of the Athensian Constitution, Xenophon, was favorably disposed towards this type of tourism.  He went to the extent of recommending the construction of hotels for visitors at public expenses.  

Tourist traffic was greatly encouraged under the then Roman Empire, because of the excellent surface transportation amenities.  Romans used to travel up to a hundred miles a day using relays of horses that were furnished from rest posts as wide as five to six miles apart.  They traveled to see the temples in the Mediterranean Sea and the famous pyramids of Egypt.  They also journeyed to medicinal baths called ‘spas’ and seaside resorts.

Some of these sea resorts had developed all the attributes of present day tourist haunts and attracted hordes of people from different walks of life.  One of these resorts called ‘Baiae’ (in the Bay of Naples) with its mild climate, luxuriant vegetation and sulphur springs established for itself a pre-eminent position for over 400 years as a tourist paradise.  Tourist traffic was also greatly encouraged under the Roman Empire because of the invention sea communication facilities.  Some of the Roman cargo ships carried a few passengers and the private vessels were marvelously adorned with luxurious fittings.  

The vessels that carried the beautiful queen Cleopatra to meet Mark Antony reportedly had billowing scarlet silk sails, silver tipped oars and decks draped with royal purple cloth.  In modern times, the luxurious vessels crisscrossing the various continents offer everything under the sun to the high paying tourist.  Some of these vessels have also now started to call at the Cochin coast to avail of the Kerala tour  packages.

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Dec 8, 2009 5:12 am
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