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do pretty girls really ply mmo ?

Nov 13, 2014 12:52 am
Quote: Originally Posted by Ard In Culori at May 16, 2009 10:27 am
there may be pretty girls ..but there are more scammers :))     
maybe there are just using an image of a girl for them to get something "poser".. i have pretty girls who are  playing online games but they are not scammmmeeeerzs

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Jan 10, 2015 9:56 am
Good point. That's exact what I thought.


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    Apr 27, 2015 4:48 am
    yeah of course, I have a pretty girl friend who is drowned in hearthstone

    Apr 27, 2015 7:30 am
    Quote: Originally Posted by Spicyduck at Apr 27, 2015 4:48 am
    yeah of course, I have a pretty girl friend who is drowned in hearthstone     

    i want to know your friend....

    Jun 30, 2015 2:20 am

    Of-course there are... Especially those young girls like 16-20.

    May 6, 2016 12:39 am
    Quote: Originally Posted by kei ai at May 5, 2009 1:16 pm
    i think no because pretty girls would rather spend their time in make up then mmos . so next time u  see a female character asking you for items and try to act sexy , u need to say "nooooo"
    This post has been modified on Jun 29 , 2009 11:02:47 PM by   Annhouse.     

    you mentioned two stereotypes:
    1.) Only a minority of women play video games. Actually, there are as much girl gamers as there are guy gamers (maybe even more)

    2.)Makeup makes a woman pretty. This could be wrong since the definition of "pretty" is relative, but women don't need to wear makeup to be "pretty" in my opinion.

    while i'm not sure what the percentage of "pretty" women are, i'm willing to bet the percentage
    of "handsome men" are similar.

    with that said, yes, there are some pretty girls that play MMOs likewise, there are some handsome men who play the genre

    May 6, 2016 11:26 pm
    Yea definitely. I play MMOs so i'm living fact lol


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      May 9, 2016 9:31 pm
      Reply 65#  Souperman22

      I need a "suuuuuper fat thumbs up" button for your post.

      May 25, 2016 8:01 am
      Well, many girls play games, but if they're beautiful or not is subjective.
      I mean, a girl can look attractive or beautiful for someone, and not at all for someone else, it's just too subjective

      Dec 2, 2016 2:30 pm
      I believe FF XIV has a ton of them

      Dec 13, 2016 9:19 am
      My wife play MMO and I'm married to her for the past 7 years and she's still the most beautiful MMO player I know. Aside from Kate Upton. LoLz

      May 21, 2017 9:00 pm
      me and my sisters loves playing mmos for years and we're loving it :)

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        May 21, 2017 9:32 pm
        i had a guild in my mmo game in which lots of pretty ladies are playing with and they are awsome!

        May 24, 2017 12:45 am
        Reply 71#  HushBlush

        How old were you guys when you started playing mmos?

        Jun 4, 2017 11:08 pm
        Quote: Originally Posted by zerofin at May 24, 2017 12:45 am
        Reply 71#  HushBlush

        How old were you guys when you started playing mmos?     

        ive been playing mmo for ten 10yrs now started with flyff and then pw, rohan, fw, ohh and lots and lots lol as of now since that im so busy at work im just playing ro journey since it is on autoplay.. can still catch up ahaha.

        Jun 5, 2017 12:28 am
        Reply 74#  HushBlush

        oh all those nostalgias, I used to play all of those haha. Flyff still seems to be alive too lol

        Jun 13, 2017 3:14 am
        Reply 75#  zerofin

        i think so yeah and launched a mobile version as well.. its out now... haven't tried it tho..

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          Jun 14, 2017 4:50 am
          Reply 76#  HushBlush

          didn't know about their mobile, just checked it now, doesn't seem to ogood for anything else othe rthan nostalgia lol


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