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Pumpkin Mayhem & Level Rewards

Oct 18, 2013 4:47 am
CABAL Lanterns have gathered their army of Jack-o’Lanterns and have taken over Nevareth. Every map has been infested with Jack minions and a CABAL Lantern. Keep Nevareth pumpkin free and be rewarded with various items!

Looks like there's some great events for this year's Halloween! For now, there's 2 events. For the first, you need to destroy the pumpkins which are spawned randomly on each map. Destroying a pumpkin gives loot rewards based on which map it was on. The higher level the map, the better the reward. The second event is a leveling event. You will be rewards with prizes whenever you level up and progress through certain level ranges. Taking to Event Girl Yul in Green Despair will give you your rewards!

Duration: October 17th - November 13th, 2013

Pumpkin Mayhem

[How to Participate]
Step 1: Search and destroy Pumpkins
Step 2: Loot the items they drop
Loot Rewards:


Level Rewards

This event will give you rewards for leveling up a certain amount of levels based on your current level.

[How to Participate]
Step 1: Visit NPC Girl Yul for details on goal requirements and rewards
Step 2: Achieve the goal requirements
Step 3: Obtain rewards from NPC Girl Yul

Loot Rewards:

- Make sure to obtain your reward after achieving the goal.
- You can collect a total of 8 rewards.
- Goals are repeatable.
- If you are attempting to repeat a goal, you must receive the first set of rewards before repeating.
- All items are account binding.
- All rewards with both Fighter and Sage, you must select just one of them in order to obtain all of the other items.

I'll make sure to post about the announced new weapon skins, costumes and pets when they become available.

Source: http://cabal.estgames.com/en/News/Content/226

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