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VR Games and Us: The Dawn of a New Era

Mar 11, 2016 1:42 am

“Being virtually killed by a virtual laser in a virtual space is just as effective as the real thing, because you are as dead as you think you are.” ― Douglas Adams

As VR is becoming reality, we decided to not miss out on its awesomeness.
From now on, I will be striving to bring you guys latest updates about the VR industry as well as try and experience some of them myself. VR is a technology that is conquering the world and its many  industries, including online and mobile gaming. For this reason, I thought you guys should really be well-informed about all of its aspects and upcoming titles that will hopefully rock your world.

As VR is spreading to major titles like Minecraft, Elite: Dangerous, Dying Light and much more, we would really love to inform you guys about their current state. We would also love to know what games you guys are excited about that will be available in VR, or perhaps already are, and personally, I am really looking forward to trying the VR version of the epic horror title Dying Light, and once I am done, I'll be surely bringing you guys my personal experiences with the game.

Of course, there are various methods of VR, and therefore, I'll also be striving to post about current and upcoming VR devices. If you guys are as excited about VR as we are (unintentional playing with words), then be sure to check back often to our VR Forum section as I'll be doing my best to fill it up.

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Mar 13, 2016 1:46 pm
i'm excited about any game that is developed ESPECIALLY for VR. pre-made games are not fully compatible with it and might never be, but for example "wizard online" takes the whole VR adventure into somewhere else, where your moves are exacly as they are in the game

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    Mar 13, 2016 5:29 pm
    VR is exciting, if anyone watch Anime Sword Art Online will be the hyped to Mars for the successful of VR, but in reality not so much.  Not even close to that level of immersion, heck we can't even get VR to replace our screen yet, and for those smart ones no I don't mean a complete replacement but would be your main display as in HMD.

    From what I can tell since 2014 to 2016 a lot of companies went into silence mode, some games even got canceled.  If anyone had notice during those 2 years not much games where releases, as if the gaming world had stop, no news, your hyped games have either delay to death or cancellation.  So I'm guessing most likely developing secret project, you guessed VR games.  

    Mean while, our current gen games are either left out in the cold or just not in the VR future.  So yeah Sir DanielCsaki bring us more news on VR, will probably be the next BIG thing for the gaming industry for 2016 onward.  Maybe Skyrim 2 will be all in VR or maybe Fallout 5 all this waiting is killing me.  The word "SOON" don't mean crap in the Information Age >_> geez give us the guess date in number than SOON.

    Realistic note: VR still have a list of things to solve like the cost, support for last gen games OR have that killer VR game to silence everyone, and last with all this hype and no answer just might break the gamers for good.  Meaning they might just start buying sports goods o_O; going out and have fun the old fashion way, like that will happen?. . .

    I bet the first one to come out NOW with a solution or show off their VR system with a killer game will be the king for the next 10 years.  I already seen the big names and their VR system, games, tech demos, but nothing IMO to be too excited over, the fact they haven't really release any of those good stuff yet.  For the funny ones out there, able to buy a VR set with no games is like not having one?  After all we buy VR to play games and not to collect dust.  Like wii know it right? xDD hehehe.

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    Mar 13, 2016 8:01 pm
    Love VR games, so engaging so real. I like the Virtuix Omni as the currently best device. But for better choice I prefer a special room with all-direction motion detection, you can play in this specific room. Since I think running in the same place while you are moving in the game will give an illusion that you are a soul-walker, that will affect your judgement in real world. On top of everything, simulation sickness brought by some latency or the high price are the things first to be overcome.

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