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Complete PvE and PVP Guide - Demonisher (Soulist)

Jul 28, 2013 2:08 am
 Enjoy everyone~ 

Pure PvE - (Might change with BOOK Potentials):



Pure PvP (Complete Build):



Action Skills:

Dark Calling (Orb) - Good Damage, Increases AoE with Lvl, Low Cooldown!

PvE: Has I-Frame activation, great for mob killing

PvP: Changes to Super armor activation, good for defensive counters+ lifting in combo

Phantom Wall - Small Wall that you summon, Increases in size w/ level

PvE: Used for possible blocking of projectiles, Can stun mobs..., Safe to get for Intrusion

PvP: Great usage for projectile blocking + Countering, Can STUN opponent on proper counter

Orb Strike - I-frame activation, picks up guard. Only want Lvl 5 for the extension on it.

PvE: Alright, but there are better skills... 8s cooldown... will be very good if has book & very very good depending on scaling (gotta hit cap)

PvP: 15s cooldown.. mainly used as utility & counter cuz of frames + properties of skill. (Poor Scaling)

Demonic Flame - AWESOME Skill. Kind of like mindflame from ele/illubut it's own twist. Can be used in the air with passive. HUGE DAMAGE.... Transformation affects it as a double slash that sends you backwards

PvE: Needless to say one of ur BEST damage skills

PvP: Amazing utility for mid range Knockback, Huge Damage, AIR USAGE WITH NO CASTING!!

Demonic Chaser - Like soul chaser, but faster + better cuz no Cast and Stuns on all hits. Static distance in place & it's FAR. Nice damage.

PvE: Single target focus skill, not oriented for PvE really (unless it gets a book), alright... but I liked the melee skill spam better cuz you can get 2 orb uppers for 1 demonic soul in 10s. (12s Cooldown)

PvP: Very nice skill for damage, disrupting, STUNNING and ranged play (like ele). Definitely keeping this maxed.

Soul Expel - One of your most OP skills, extremely fast skill that shoots out demons. Great damage and has 20%+ 480 magic defense reduction!!!! A MUST FOR PvE and PVP.

PvE: 12s cooldown, MUST get for the mag defense reduction and NUKAGE!

PvP: MAY seem iffy at first cuz ofslow animation, BUT you can combo this with dark calling! Make sure Opponent eva is down =D

Soul Cleanse - Recovers abnormal states to you and party (Not quite sure of limitations yet). Only 1 point to max, and if all of JP is getting it, I'd say it's worth it.

PvE & PvP: Basically a Cleanse to abnormal status' and tick damages bleed/burn.

Over Soul - Your OP Transformation buff!! Comes in 3 stages: (1~3 Level 1) (4~6 Level 2) (6~9 Level 3) -  I Frame Activation. Super Armor Buff with limitations (no jumping, specific skills, gain move speed, attack speed + damage on skills + different skill properties).

PvE: Actually.. I'm not sure why we max this... what the **** does it even do? LOL...? New Aesthetic look Cool

PvP: 1 point is all you need to RAPE FACE for any round you use this in =)

Orb Uppercut - Pretty awesome skill. 8s PvP and PvE and does a decent amount of scaling (like ringshear kick on slayer). Mainly used as a pickup (no armor destruction a.k.a no SSA pickup of rising atks)

PvE: I love the magic melee deal, So Ima max it, especially since it's used during transformation

PvP: Awesome utility as a pickup on 8s CD for comboing and Great damage! Can be combo chained into POWER SLAM!!


PvE: Sigh... -.- where did the damage go!

PvP: 1point Utility + slow factor. Scares opponent + forces positioning/guarding to set upfor range combos.

Thorn of Pain* - Spread needles around ground outside of transformation + causes huge AOE field of needles when transformed. Casting skill (initially) but get expertise to get rid of cast! yay! I believe Iframe Activation in PvE and SA activation in PvP. Has SSA destruction during usage.

PvE: MUST MAX FOR MOB RAPE! Extra bleed damage in PvE (15s CD IN PVE and PVP --CD CHANGE)

PvP: No Bleed =( But no Casting! =D Amazing Damage, high cooldown but GREAT skill. can be used to force guard lock + hit behind guard + so much potential to this skill since there is more you can do with it.

Corpse Breath - Casting skill. Shoot a nasty breath at an area causing freeze chance!

PvE: MELTS bosses + Mobs, HOWEVER, very unreliable due to specific AoE. Be careful on maxing this for PvE (We need to see the % damage on max before maxing) 12s CD

PvP: 12s CD - Never freezes but HOLY FK the utility is AMAZING on this skill! Get 1.

Psychic Push* - AoE Nuke on a 20s CD (Nerfed mcnerf nerf), LaYZOR LIGHT SHOW (in non trans).... Normally how the skill should be in transform (like illu phantom cry)

PvE: MAX,max,MAX,max,MAX for damage and Aoe Nuking + SA! HOLY FK THE SCALING O.O

PvP: Um.. skill got MAD nerfed and is now a LAYZOR beam in non Transform... In Trans, this is an AOE stun with MAD damage... REALLY upto you if u wanna max this or Soul Control.

Soul Control*- Casting skill with really weird properties... throw missile at target x4. Transformation effect = suks soul, then explodes on top of x4 hit.... 20s CD change

PvE: Max cuz easy usability + nuke properties + Transformation bonus

PvP: Only 1 Point as utility and situational usage. Picks up SSA (semi super blue frame) and low cooldown. Mid->Long Range skill o.o, that you combine with other range skills for behind guard nuking... 
NOTE: I REALLY like this skill. Can't decide if I wanna max Psychic or this cuz this 1 is so fun to abuse.

Flame of Soul/Flame of Demons - 45s CD. Blue AOE of demonic-ness. Transformation bonus = TORNADO SPIN!!!! . xD MORE DAMAGE! ( WE LOST THE PURPLE STUN BALL OF DOOM ;-;)

PvE: Obviously a MAX for the ridiculous damage + usage for mob nuking. Plus, usable in transform as it makes you a FKN TORNADO.

PvP: Can combo with this. It does INSANE amounts of damage. Definitely maxing it especially since it is a fkn... tornado.... Drawback = very slow activaiton on non-trans

Punishment of Soul* - Awesome casting skill that slams the ground and shatters it with a big AoE into a HUGE STUN. AMAZING damage in PvE and CD change! 45s CD. Transformation bonus = HUGE AOE FIELD of Meteors that ALL CAUSE STUN. LOL?

PvE: Decided to change the build sinc ethis is MORE OF A UTILITY STUN on bosses + Stuff as you have BETTER skills to use in Transformation for DPS Nukage rather than the x8 AoE field on bosses.

PvP: Drawback =  50%+ REDUCTION TO DAMAGE ;-;  nuuu..... 
1 for utility stuns and + situational usage in Transformation for AoE Stun



Dash Attack (Orb) - Does a small atk after roll by left clicking. Can command Shift+left click... Literally a funzie skill xD

PvE & PvP: Move around for Fun =3 Not necessary to get, but cmon... dropkicks for funzies!

Evasive Dash - Aerial Escape 25s CD

PvE & PvP: A MUST get for both, to escape behing hit by mob/boss combos or combos in PvP!

Mana Siphon* - Your 1 & only grab!

PvE: I'd get itto be safe from intruders as it's a great counter.

PvP: AMAZING Counter, Combo starter, and has an ADD on called STEAL SPIRIT which drains MP from opponent and gives it to you! (Remain in super armor during the add on)
Note: Leveling Mana Cypher to 3 for Steal Sprit and increases thelevel helps with absorbtion.

Orb Crash - Smash Ground with F....

PvE & PvP: MAINLY..... never used >.<


Spirit Cutter - Really cool melee combo skill. Has to be charged for more damage. 3 Charge states (1-2-3)

PvE & PvP: Kind of unnecessary to level this as scaling is bad and requires charge up.. Low cooldown is nice, but more of a fun skill to link into combos for PvE & PvP. 
-Doesn't seem to do very much and has 0 frames....

Soul Spear - Shoot continuous waves out at the enemy. Lowish CD both PvE and PvP. Transformation Damage bonus! Pierces in Transformation!!

PvE: Awesome skill to max for damage and pierce in Trans.

PvP: Piercing bonus in Trans and AWESOME DAMAGE + low CD. A MUST max! One of ur main nuking skills used in combos~

Spirit Shock - I frame dodge to the side. Has some RIDICULOUS scaling but it's close range is has SO much delay after... Low CD 5s.

PvE& PvP: 1 Point as utility, sorry.


Spirit Wind - Command to do a directional Dash. Very hard to use but we get it for another dodge... Command is Q+Right Click (Be careful cuz if you don't do them same time... you burn your normal Q dodge as well)

PvE & PvP: 1 Point (max) for dodge usage

Power Slam - AWESOME skill that combos with orb upper and Smashes enemies into the ground + bounces them. Awesome for comboing!! Lastly, GREAT SCALING.

PvE: It's really hard for me to give this up, but we are focusing on AoE - wrecking builds. Possibly will max it if I change the build

PvP: MAX for combo damage + potential! It's FKN AWSSOMEAMMEWMFEMS

Evil Strike - Increases damage on Orb Strike 20% and causes suction + pop up...

PvE & PvP: 1 Point (max) for utility with orb strike. Possible VERY good with Orb Strike in PvE if scaling on OS out-weighs other skills.

Air Demonic Flame - Allows you to use demonic flame in air with no cast

PvE & PvP: 1 point (max) for utility usage. Loses a LOT of range in air, so be careful,but can be combo'd w/ in PvP ^^

Steal Spirit - Extension to grab that drains mp from enemy and adds to yourself.

PvE: Useless since you only need ur grab as a utility for intrusion

PvP: Situationally good, but can be ADADAD tapped out of w/ a macro, so be careful. REALLY good damage scaling + recovery of mana which you use in combo.. A LOT... ima get it.

Air Spirit Wind - Allows you to do a dodge like Slayer's living shadow in air!

PvE & PvP - 1 point (max) for dodge utility =D


Agonizing Thorn Expertise - a MUST max for PvE and PVP! Allows for no casting on Thorn of Pain! Allows for you to combo Thorn of Pain into dash! (PvP MUST!!)and Damage Inc!

PvE & PvP - 1 point (max) for the upgrade to 1 of ur best skills: Thorn of Pain!

Soul Boost - Low cooldown Dash with I frames (start and end) that releases souls which hit for extra damage and stun! Increases distance + Soul movement speed (that are released) when leveled.

PvE: More of a mobility utility since 10s CD

PvP: AWESOME utility + Damage dash with x4 stun properties! Must max for distance and soul speed (for stunning) in PvP.



Max HP - +2900 HP (Health Points)

PvE: Great to increase ur HP pool!

PvP: Also Great for more hp =)

Max MP - +2900 MP (Mana Points)

PvE: Unnecessary since you build MP Regeneration

PvP: I REALLY don;t want MP problems when comboing or skill spamming. I know I had problems on mana w/ ele and my Slayer has 15k mana. This class has a TON of low CD skills to spam, so I suggest it if you wanna be agressive >=)

Critical Passive - +10% Critical Chance

PvE & PvP: For the Build I am doing 122+ Atk Speed, 55%+ Casting, 4%+ Accuracy 55%+ Critical.... this is a must. Since this class has a TON of awesome casts and atk speed skills, you're gonna want both and still want to maintain HIGH CRIT.


Spirit Walker - Movement Speed Passive 4.5%

PvE & PvP: More free movement speed!!! Let's max it xD

Mentalism I - Increases MP Recovery +5 and +100 WISDOM

PvE & PvP: Must Max for damage and mp recovery rates!!

Mentalism II - Increases MP Recover +5, +100 WISDOM, and +6% Casting


Training I,II - Increases Movement Speed AND Attack Speed (5% each) to a total of 10% on both!


Concentration - Decreases MP Consumption 6% and Increases INT (Max MP and Mag Def)

PvE & PvP: Unnecessary. Waste of SP and would only dump here in the end - if you want...

[Jin] Over Soul - Increases Tornado Suction AoE and # of Hits applied to the tornado

PvE: Must Max! 1 point

PvP: Worthless. Doesn'twork in there :3



Advent - Increases Damage Resist and Wisdom

PvE & PvP: A MUST get passive... Although, I haven't been able to formulate the max level + points needed for this skill.

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Jul 30, 2013 2:10 am
[b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/35/20130728/Complete_PvE_and_PVP_Guide_Demonisher_Soulist-51f4dfa630915c613-1.html#p51f4dfa630915c]0#[/url] [i]-Rei[/i][/b] [br] [br]Thank you for your build, it is very useful.
It would be great if you could post videos while you are doing pve and pvp to see the game play of this character.


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    Jul 30, 2013 4:06 pm
    Lurker here, most of your images are broke, perhaps imgur would be a better choise.
    And "Shackles of the Dead* - NERFNERFNERFNERFNERFNERFNERFNERFNERFNERF.........nerf....Nerf? NERF." doesn't really says a lot about the spell, mind explaining a bit further, haven't used any sp yet.

    Aug 2, 2013 1:35 am
    [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/35/20130728/Complete_PvE_and_PVP_Guide_Demonisher_Soulist-51f4dfa630915c613-1.html#p51f4dfa630915c]0#[/url] [i]-Rei[/i][/b] [br] [br]this is a trash, you type everything you had in mind and idea but there was no supporting details, images or proof of why is it? or why is not it?
    fix your images first then elaborate. you even ended your idea before you start it up.

    Aug 7, 2013 1:53 pm
    thanx for sharing , but where's the pict? lol

    actually i have a lvl 50 demon, and still crazy about the skills ^^ (too much skill hahaha)

    Sep 9, 2013 5:07 pm
    cool guide thx alot but we need images to b more helpful

    Feb 20, 2014 12:42 am

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