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[Shadow] PvP Build and PvP Guides

Aug 21, 2012 7:32 pm
Many players requires Shadow skill build, so do I, since i haven't started to play this class, i would like to do some preparation work before i play it to make sure i can train a good Shadow XD


So here share a guide of Shadow from Abysss:

Let's talk about Shadow's Pros/Cons first:

Good movement speed, fastest attack speed in the game, high mobility.
Above average damage, can perma combo, has some nice buff.
Skills are cool, some skills deal massive damage.
Balance in PvP, as well as PvE.

Short Range
Fragile, can die in a few hits.
No blocking at all.
Require skills to play.

If you use Shadow well, you can beat any other classes, but if you're bad, you gonna get your ***** kicked.

*Skill Build/ Explanations:

This is my build, maybe you guys won't agree at all, you guys can leave some comments to tell me your thoughts.

- Actions:

Dual Vital Thrust: Max.

It can deal good damage, and it can be used to connect combos, low cooldown, bleeding effect, so why not ?

Dual Chain Strike: Lvl 1.

Pretty  useless in PvP, I only use it to cancel Turn Slash, but it make 4 hits,  so you can use it to create combos in PvE, to increase your Style

Lift Kick: Lvl 1.

Honestly,  I haven't touched this skill for a while. It deals little damage, you  don't need it to connect your combo, but it can be a catching skill.

Dual Turn Slash: Max.

Deals  decent damage, it can connect combo or catch your enemy, and it has  invisible frames that you can use to dodge projectiles.

Dual Flying Shatter Kick: Lvl 5.

You can chase/ flee with this skill, and it can be used in a combo, Lvl 5 so you can have the Air Dual Flying Shatter Kick.

Violent Shadow: Max.

Best  Shadow skill, deals massive damage each hit with bleeding effect, and it  has 4 hits. It doen't have super armor, so you can still gets hit while  performing this skill. And this one have quite long cooldown, so make  it counts.

Hide: Lvl 1 or skip it

I don't have it, I don't like it, because your enemy can use an AOE skill to hit you. You can give it 1 lvl it you want.

Shadow Decoy: Lvl 1.

Range  classes shooting at you ? No problem, this skill will make you invisible  ( yes you can move) and start your combo. Becareful, this skill only  works after 1 second actived, and it won't work with some skills.

Envenom: Max.

Sweet buff in PvP, deals damages every hit. This skill make your combos deadly, but the cooldown is not that great.

Rising Slash: Lvl 5.

Damage  is fine, it has 3 hits, and it sends you and your enemy to the air,  great to start or connect combos. Lvl 5 so you can have Shadow Talon.

Shadow Star: Max.

Big  damage, stun, good range, you can use to start a combo. Notice that you  have to charge about 0.5s to shoot it out. 1 tricky point about this  skill is you can charge at a direction, and shoot it at another  direction, so you can fool your enemy.

Vital Spiral: Lvl 1.

Makes 7  hits, and the last hit deals big damage. You can control the direction,  the speed of the skill, but it's hard to hit perfectly. Has charge  time, watch out.

Ankle Cutter: Max.

2 hits,  can hit enemy on the ground, slowing effect and bleeding, decent  damage. The second hit knock enemy away, so it can be used to ring out.  Usually use to connect combos, or start combos.

Deceptive Cutter: Max.

Deals  great damage, first hit stun the enemy, the second hit send him to the  air. Awesome skill I say, but I won't recommend you to use it to start  your combo, since your enemy can counter the first hit. Use it to  connect combos.

Shadow Haste: Max.

Faster is better, right ?

Barbed Shadow: Lvl 1 or skip it.

20% crit is cool, but the crit cap is 70%, if you have 60% crit already, don't level this skill.

Shadow Talon: Max.

Semi-super  armor, has 5 hits, pulls enemy in and the last hit knock the enemy  away. It has charge 0.5s charge time, so it can't really be used in a  combo.

Poison Storm: Max.

7 hits, good damage, slowing and bleeding effect, can be used to start or connect combos. And it looks awesome.

- Commands:

Dual Dagger Expertise: Max or skip.

This skill make your basic atk deals 100% damage. You can skip it to save SPs, if you love basic atk, max it.

Evasive Roll/ Attack/ Dash/ Rising Attack/ Double Jump/Shadow Step: Don't need to say more. Shadow step has invisible frames.

Grab Throw: Max or Lvl 1

Some people prefer lvl 1, but I suggested maxing it out, because you gonna use it a lot.

Crouch: Lvl 3 or Max

This  skill is pretty sweet since it can dogde projectiles, and have invisible  frames. While crouching, you can use skills that don't need to be  assigned in hot keys ( like Rising Slash, you can't use hotkey to use  it, but you can press down + F to use it).Lvl 3 to get Air Steal.

Eagle Kick: Lvl 1

Use to connect or start a combo, this is the best skill to combos with.

Scythe Break: Lvl 1.

Use to dogde, create distance, I don't use it much, but it will helpful sometimes.

Dual Air Shatter Kick: Lvl 1.

Chasing or fleeing. The second hit of this skill is like eagle kick, it will send enemy to the air.

Rising Combination: Lvl 1.

Use with Rising Slash to connect combos.

Kneeling Crash: Lvl 1 or 2, 3, depend on your SP

Hits  enemy on the ground, send them to air, great way to connect combos. The  higher lvl the skill is, the higher the enemy bounce.

Air Steal: Lvl 1.

Teleporting skill. Can use to fool your enemy, pretty cool. Invisible frames.

Dual Vital Cut: Lvl 1.

It adds an important hit to Dual Vital Thrust that use to connect combos.

Dual Double Turn Slash: Lvl 1.

Adds a second hit for Dual Turn slash.

Swallow's Touch: Lvl 1.

Another grab to connect combos, which is great. Can be used to ring out enemy.

Izuna Drop: Lvl 1 or skip.

Looking  cool, but kinda useless. After hitting the ground, it creates perfect  distance to Ankle Cutter. I use it to finish combos.

Dual Shadow Dash: Max.

Your main catching skill, this skill has invisible frames. Max it for further dashes.

- Passives:

Max all the Mastery, if you have enough SP, max the HP. Crit and MP don't worth maxing.

Violent Assault: Say no to this skill, not effective, but need a lot of SP.

*PvP Guide:

The guide here is from my own experience, it's not perfect because I  haven't entered any ranked match yet, I haven't seen many Pro yet, I  will update this part.

Thanks to Aphonia, I understood about armor judgement, I'm gonna quote it here:

"6 armor judgements(the edge of your character will be colored):

Invincibilityz(white outline): Cannot get hit/grabbed
Superarmor(red outline): Motion does not cancel at all, but you can get grabbed
Guard(no outline): Motion does not get cancelled normally, but can be grabbed and can be cancelled
by guard breaking skills
Semi-superarmor(blue outline): Motion gets cancelled if hit by semi-superarmor breaking moves, can
get grabbed
Crouch(no outline): Motion does not get cancelled by projectiles, but gets cancelled by melee hits.
No armor(no outline): Motion gets cancelled if you get hit.

Attack judgements:

Semi-superarmor break: cancels semi-superarmor moves by opponent
Stun: Stuns opponent for a sec or so
Grab: Grabs opponent, cancels up to superarmor moves
Guard break: Breaks opponent's guards"

How to start a combo:

Basically, to start a combo, you have to force your enemy to use his/her evasive dash first. To do this:

Perform a ground combo:

This sounds crazy, but yes, this is 1 way to scare your enemy too.  Some guys I fighted, they use evasive dash instead of evasive attack. If  they use evasive attack, try to time your Shadow Decoy, then do ground  combo again. But only do this when the ping is good.

Perform a fake combo:

Use the skills with short cooldown, connect them. Some guys use dash  right when I touch them. Some just wait a bit, then dash away. Thank you  for wasting your dash

Use skills that hit many times:

With semi super armor, like: Vital Spiral, Shadow Talon, Poison  Storm, Rising Slash. Lots of people will dash away because they don't  wanna get hit too much.


Here is another build from Micestorff:



-Hide: I dont picked this skill for personal choise, still very useful in PvP if you know what are you doing but doesnt fit for me.

-Izuma Drop: I dont picked this skill for personal choise and is a combo finisher

-Vital Spiral lvl 1: i use this just to get closer so thats why is in lvl 1 (Personal Choise)

-Shadow Star:The main function of thi skill is the stun, so its like poison dart or multi-shot. I lvl up this to 4 for personal choise.

-Grab Throw: Maxed for personal choise, since its going to be in you first 7 hits a lot of time after the dmg reduction, you can kept it at lvl 1 and max other skills.

-Dagger Expertise: PvE Skill, get it at lvl 10 if you want to do you normal dmg (100%) in basic attacks. Like the Blademaster Stance.


-The Skill without Picture is Air Shatter kick and cost 6 SP

-The True SP Left is 4

-This Build is only a reference

-No critc passive for obvious reasons.

-This build is Based in my sins build.

- If you played sin before is going to be easy to play as a Shadow


BIG ERROR: No rising combination: Sry i was druged or something like that


-Shadow Star lvl 2

-Rising Combination lvl 1/maxed

-SP Left 0


Source: blackrabbit2999 blogspot

How do you think of the two builds? Are they good? If not, could you share some good Shadow builds and guides here for me as a reference? Thx

[ The post was edited by WendixX at Aug 22, 2012 8:04 pm ]

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Sep 28, 2012 8:22 am
[b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/35/20120821/Shadow_PvP_Build_and_PvP_Guides-503444c54c3adf113-1.html#p503444c54c3adf]0#[/url] [i]WendixX[/i][/b] [br] [br]first of all, i wanted to thank for posting this Shadow Skill Build. i tried what you say and i think it's very effective..

MMOsite Special Offer

    Sep 28, 2012 11:36 am
    Nice guide ~

    Oct 9, 2012 7:12 am
    Nice Guide

    What is better for shadow blade or dagger????

    Oct 24, 2012 5:11 am
    Actually, you can use Talon in a combo, just time it after grab, then when the enemy is on the floor just hit with ankle cutter to thorw him into air or push him, if you choose to push him dash and poison, if you throw into air, grab and continue your combo :)

    Oct 25, 2012 9:43 am
    Does this build work in pve?

    Nov 29, 2012 5:37 pm
    Can u make a pve build for me i want to make a fast farmer please and ty

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      Jan 3, 2013 9:57 am
      shadow are they hard to master

      Jan 6, 2013 6:07 am
      PVE so hard for shadow. I die many times in dungeon

      Apr 23, 2013 6:26 pm
      I can make you guys a shadow build good for both PVP and PVE I've been doing some experiments on it and created about 3 characters just to get the right build :D

      Apr 23, 2013 11:13 pm
      Very informative Guide.


      Apr 17, 2015 3:51 am
      Guys airsteal do sent has any invesibile frame at all I play shadow for years lol trust me on that...... :P but the build is nice:) TheManwow:US

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