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C9 China/Global Open BetaC9 Global Test Share★★C9 PvP & Skill Build

C9 Global OBT Client First Patch Notes
C9(CN) Open Beta Game Client is Available To Download Now!
C9 Survival Mode(20 Rounds) Introduction
Discussion: Global C9 Open Beta Time

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anyone want illusionist assassin skill build?
C9 VIP TEST ( Benefits and Previews)
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The Faithless Scout
The Egoistic Assassin
Facts about PVP Arena in C9
8 Tips for Scout in PvP
Skill Build Collection[All Classes][Updating]

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Guide For Blade Master
Class Advancement Selection Guide(Update)
Newbie Tips of Leveling up Fast
Something Important But You Maybe Ignore in C9
C9 Useful Common Sense: Newbies Please Read This
How To Get EXCELLENT in Dungeons

Best PvP Class?
Wind elementalist or earth?
Why do you want to play C9?
How do you organize your backpack&warehouse in game?
Which Attribute Will Have Influence On Your Class Selection?

Guide: How To Improve C9 Graphics
Change font size so you can easily read chat
Hunter equipment modification view
Taoist vs Elementalist - Pros & Cons

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Welcome To MMOsite C9 Forum!

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