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Skyforge: Reaper's Revenge in a Nutshell

Apr 27, 2016 1:39 am

My.com and the Allods Team have recently posted  the Reaper's Revenge patch notes. The update is now live.

Reaper's Revenge is yet another update that attempts to improve Skyforge in terms of interfaces, content, rewards and class balances. This is probably a great approach that the developer keeps implementing such major updates which surely makes the player base happy.

The first D-Series Distortion, Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur has been finally added allowing you to challenge Shukur, his sons and even grandchildren. What a great family business. The fight against Shukur is quite a complex one and the relatives will take turns. When you kill Shukur himself, his sons become your next cause for concern, followed by the grandchildren. So, basically, you are to defeat three generations.

The Adventures Interface also received some attention from the developers along with the Difficulty and Adventure Selection one. Defeating Distortion mobs will no longer give you epic weapons, sadly. When attending 10-man raids, defeating all the bosses except the last will give you epic amulets, but why give up? If you end up defeating the final boss, you will receive epic weapons, and premium members will receive double loot (P2W much?).

The Gorgonide and Reaper of Death Atlases have been expanded and changing classes will also switch to the equivalent patrons. As I mentioned earlier, classes have been played around with as well, including bug fixes and changes in skills. You can find these explained in detail by the official patch notes.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to jump back into the sci-fi slash fantasy MMORPG and knock that family out.

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