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8 Useful Tips for Playing Rehgar in Heroes of the Storm

May 6, 2015 1:48 am
As one of the best support hero in the Nexus, Rehgar is still a little difficult for many Heroes of the Storm
players to master his play style. According to Corey_T's review on 2p.com, you may find a better way to control your Rehgar while battling.

Consistently Use Your Ghost Wolf for Extra Damage
Rehgar's first attack while in Ghost Wolf form does 100% extra damage. That's a big boost to his damage per second because it can be cast every 3 seconds. If you're not constantly transitioning in and out of Ghost Wolf, you're missing out on tons of damage. This is particularly relevant when clearing camps efficiently, but can also give you an edge anytime you're facing off one-on-one against another hero.

Don't Get Greedy in Ghost Wolf Form
This might seem simple, but newer Rehgar players tend to get greedy chasing down low-health opponents. Rehgar can be exceptional when diving behind enemy lines for a kill, then narrowly escaping on the back of his slow, heals, and speed. But a few near-escapes can give people misplaced confidence and a sense of immortality. Just because you can get a kill, doesn't mean you always should. Be mindful that your presence alongside your team is often more valuable than finishing off an opponent that probably won't be contributing anyway.

Use Your Totem for Vision
Earthbind Totem is a fantastic ability for its slow, but that's not all you can use it for if you're clever. Dropping your totem into a bush or vent will give you full vision of that hiding spot. This can help you watch for enemies when turning in objectives or keep an eye out for incoming ganks. It's a very small edge that can make the difference between good players and great ones.   

Ancestral Healing Isn't Just a Reactive Heal
Ancestral Healing is the game's biggest heal, but timing it correctly can be insanely difficult. It's really more of an art than a science. Not only do you have to be perfectly aware of your team and their life totals, but you need to account for the delay between casting the spell and the heal actually arriving at its destination. That requires strong instincts and a solid sense of the enemy team's burst damage potential to get the timing down. Many Rehgar players make the mistake of waiting until someone is already near-death before casting the spell, which often results in it landing too late. You need to cast Ancestral Healing in anticipation of the enemy team's damage, basically predicting the incoming damage that arrives between casting and landing the heal.

Chain Your Feral Lunge Attacks to Gain Ground
This trick requires a bit more mechanical skill than others on this list, which makes it a real master-level tip. If you specialize into Feral Lunge, you can pull off some insane jumps with good timing. Basically if you lunge towards an enemy, you can break the lunge early by re-targeting onto another opponent. That basically allows you to jump to a minion or hero, then immediately jump again to a second one. If you master this skill, you can gain tons of ground in an instant. This allows you to close gaps for crazy last-second kills or make huge getaways unexpectedly.

Use Chain Heal Links to Reach Distant Allies
Much like you can move across the map in big bursts using the previous tip, this allows you to influence things happening a long way away as well. Your Chain Heal is a chain, which means if you line things up and target the right people, you can make it jump much farther than its casting range. Even if you target a minion or someone full of life who doesn't need a heal, you can still get the desired effect far away.

Use Lightning Shield to Break Stealth
Rehgar doesn't exactly have an area of effect spell to rip enemy characters out of stealth when you spot them. But you can use Lightning Shield to do it if you're quick and mindful of your surroundings. Just running past them will cause damage and pop them out of stealth. Specializing into Far Sight is obviously going to give you more reliable results, but this can work in a pinch if you need it.

Be Mindful of Ghost Wolf Timing
There are a couple considerations to make when popping into your wolf form. The most obvious of which is saving it for the perfect moment to chase down an opponent who's almost dead. Some people don't use it often enough while waiting for the ideal moment. Other people use it too often and don't have it available when they need it. Mastering the balance between those two is important for master Rehgar players.

You should also consider saving up your Ghost Wolf in stressful situations. If you're feeling risky about a camp clear with opponents just around the corner, using your wolf for extra damage might be a bad idea. You should save it for a quick escape instead. The difference three seconds makes can be the difference between life and death or a win and a loss.

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