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Leveling guide

Jun 26, 2015 8:28 pm
1.VIP Membership
If you don't mind spending some money, i recommend bought this 2 VIP package

savvy point

2.Booster Bouns
Some booster have bonus of 11% more exp, it will show this message when login.
picture not available yet

3. Practice mode dungeon.
For lv 35 above

for lv 50 above

4. Exorcism quest.
Go to this UI to see which dungeon to go for daily exorcism quest.

5. 4 empire dungeon

6. Daily tour quest

lv 20 to lv 49

lv 50 & above

you can use this item for double exp form quest

7.Devil force

lv 25 ~ lv 40

lv 41 ~ lv 60

lv 61 & lv 75

there is a special mode that good in exp, but you need some sort of entrance ticket to enter and the monster usually set to the capped lv which is  lv 79.

By default you have only 1800 devil power cap , you can gain extra 2000 cap form life skill.

If you reach full your devil power, you can't gain any exp form the monster and you need to wait to reset, each day 8am(GMT +8), it will minus 1800 current devil power away. you can use some consume item to minus  away some current devil power too.

one of the consume item that minus away the current devil power.

you can also use this item to slow down the devil power for getting full and capped.

In this dungeon i recommend to have the buff only x2 exp activated for killing monster.
Bar turn purple to indicate the boost have been activated.

you can get free 1h x2 exp boost form this NPC weekly.

you can freeze and save the duration too, if you bought one of the vip membership.

you can also use this item for x2 exp boost too

you can only drink 1 Spa's wine and eat 1 Spa's food per day. the spa's wine for exp and the spa's food for life skill exp.

spa's wine

spa's food

9.Spirit Stone
you can use 200 spirit stone per day for exp, you can get it form quest or dungeon boss bag.


if you done every of this, you can try finish the reset of the quest and other dungeon for some exp, most of the green quest will reset daily and you can also try do adventure quest for exp too.

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