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How to get higher rating for gear

Feb 18, 2015 3:03 am
In Revelation there is alot way can improve your gear rating, like getting yellow grade or orange grade equipment, equipment strengthening, equipment leveling,  insert seal into the equipment and divine plate. The higher the number the better and most player will ask for what your equipment rating.

Getting Yellow Grade Equipment

You can get yellow grade equipment in both PVE and PVP, there is 3 different kind of yellow grade equipment currently, one from god mode dungeon and get the material and craft it, one form Exorcism shop and use exorcism point and some other material to buy it and another one from PVP shop using PVP to change it. each 3 different yellow grade equipment have different stats for the need, the ones you craft it is normal as you can use it for both PVE and PVP, the ones you buy from Exorcism shop is mainly for PVE and the ones form PVP shop for PVP.

Crafting yellow grade equipment from NPC

NPC location to craft lv 37 main weapon + lv 45 set( main weapon, secondary weapon, top , bottom, helm,gloves, boots, necklaces ,earring and ring)

NPC location to craft lv 55 yellow set

you can get the material mainly from god mode dungeon

you also can get material form exorcism shop and other shop form newbie helper shop and reputation shop too or buy from player.

exorcism yellow grade equipment from high rank exorcism shop

PVP yellow grade equipment grade at PVP shop

you can get yellow grade earring form theme park too.

yellow grade earring crafting and the material come from theme park itself

Theme park entrance location and it only open at every wed and fri

Equipment Leveling

High lv equipment and grade will allow to level the equipment when you gain exp form monster. The equipment stats will boost when you get in higher lv for the equipment when you reach the last stage of the level and get 100%, you will get additional % stats boost. Sometime the equipment can be level up to four level, but it only show that you can allow level up to level three, you can visit a NPC in each main town to open up the level slot for you.The material to open slot can only purchase in cash shop or form player.

open lv up slot window and the equipment already oepn all the possible slot for leveling.

material needed to open up more slot for equipment leveling

Equipment Strengthen

You can strengthen equipment to get some additional stats, the strengthen equipment success rate depend how mant material you put in, example for lv 5 you need 2 white tiger stone to 100% success, you can choose to put 1 as 50% success, however you cannot control you will get prefect strengthen or not. if you unhappy the strengthen, you can re strengthen the lv to get prefect strengthen. The strengthen material you can get form dungeon, quest, cloud point shop.

when you strengthen your equipment to each 5 level(strenghten lv 5 , lv 10 , lv 15 etc), you can get 1 more additional strengthen stats randomly and you can wash it by vist a NPC at any main town.

you can transfer the strengthen form one equipment to other too, this help player save alot money.

Green stats washing for equipment that come from crafting

you can wash the green stats too by visit the cequipment crafting NPC and recraft with lesser material needed

Seal Stone

There is 4 different type with seal stone in Revelation Online, which boost PVE damage, PVE def, PVP Damage or PVP def. There is 4 level tier currently, higher tier will give more stats.

Main Weapon and secondary weapon allow you to put both damage and def seal for PVE and PVP
helm, top  and bottom allow you put def stats for both PVE and PVP
gloves and shoes allow you put dmg stats for PVE and PVP

Insert seal stone window

seal stone tier upgrade window, you need 4 same tier and same type to combine and upgrade the seal stone.

sometime the seal stone slot is locked, you need visit a NPC form any maint own to unlock it

you can get the seal stone form exorcism shop and PVP shop, you can get the material for recovery the seal stone form equipment in there too.

Divine Plate

When you reach higher lv you can will have more slot for divine plate. Each plate give you some stats and each plate got point that allow you gain additional stats. Higher tier of plate will give more stats and more point and you can combine 3 same plate with same tier into one higher tier plate. The divine plate can get form theme park and quest.

I recommend to craft main weapon, necklace, ring and earring only, the other part get it form exorcism shop to get the PVE yellow grade equipment.

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A very interesting Post... thanks for your time cant wait until i can get my hands on this game !!


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