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PVP in Revelation Online

Jan 13, 2015 2:20 am
PVP in open world map

Duel Request
Player will sending duel request to another player to start the fight,  the result will judge by number of damage deal or by hp.
Unsafe Area
In Revelation Online there is safe and unsafe area in the world map, unsafe area will be able to kill other player.  you need at least lv 40 to attack other player and you can only target lv 40 and above player. Player can choose peace mode or killing mode for the setting, peace mode mean your character won't damage any player in unsafe area and killing mode you can attack any player in the area. The player who start attacking will get a sword icon mark at the name and those player who started  it first and successfully killed someone will get system penalty like if you dead you may drop your equipment or item. or your equipment will be broke and you need special item to repair it
you can remove your red name by doing the quest or stay in the area without attacking any player.

It show the player still in yellow zone

The sword icon appear beside your name indicate the player who started to attack other player

reference from http://tianyu.163.com/xitong/pk.html?id=5&extid=4 and http://game.163.com/14/1218/10/ADO7FJPK00314TM8.html

PVP Arena

You can enter to PVP Arena by pressing H hot key in the game itself.

3 V 3
number of player: 1 V 1number of round: 2
open in all time
one player will create the room and other will join
1 V 1
number of player: 1 V 1number of round: 2
open in all time
one player will create the room and other will join
Ladder Mode
Daily 20:00 to 22:00(GMT+8)
Number of player: 3 V 3

Notice: You need participate at least 10 time per week, then you are qualify to add point into your ranking

Ranking list

reference from http://tianyu.163.com/wanfa/jjc.html?id=6&extid=1&subid=1

Territory War Mode
Every Saturday 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT + 8)
Number of player: unlimited
There is total of nine area and guild who successfully control any one of the area will get awarded for that location.

will explain more detail in future

reference from http://tianyu.163.com/wanfa/jjc.html?id=6&extid=1&subid=2

Battlefield Mode

number of player: 10 V 10time 18:00~24:00 (GMT+8)
duration: 30 Min
level 40~49,50~59,60~69,70~79,80

Each team will have 10 player with 150 resource point, in order to win, you need depletion enemy team resource.

will explain more detail in future

reference from http://tianyu.163.com/wanfa/jjc.html?id=6&extid=1&subid=3

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Sep 23, 2016 8:26 pm
What would you say the best class is for PVP specifically?

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