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Guide for Blade Dancer Versus Destroyer in PVP Mode

Jun 2, 2017 8:18 pm
I have shared how a blade dancer defeat a assassin and a force master in the past days. Today, i would like to tell something about Blade Dancer how to defeat Destroyer efficiently. At first, we should know their different goal in advance as usual.

Destroyer Goal: The first thing they want to do is force your Retreat. They do this by using Drag (Z, the weapon throw/pull) > DPS (if you don't use your Retreat) > Blitz (1, the dash/sucktion) > (at this point, there's usually no point in holding Retreat, so you'll use it to get out). If you use your Retreat during the first Daze then you'll get tech. chased with Blitz and stun-locked until you're forced to use Escape. If you use your Retreat during the 2nd Daze, you'll usually get tech. chased with Ram (2), but it's generally easy to resist with a spin as the charging speed is slow. The entire goal of these initial combos is to force your Escape (TAB) with as little high-CD abilities as they can, then use their Grab (F) Searing Strke (C) to delay the fight until their full combo is ready then stun-lock you with Fury (E) and 100-0 you in the blink of an eye with animation canceling.

Your Goal: Similar to the destroyer, you're looking to force them to use their Gust (TAB escape) before you use your Escape (TAB). Once they use their escape you can pull them out of their spin with Dual Strike (V) or Force Grip (4) into Drain (3) and if they Retreat, tech. chase with Raid (2) and continue with your full DPS combo of: C > F/LMB Animation Cancel x3 > RMB > F/LMB Animation Cancel > X > 1 > RMB > F > LMB > (either V or 4 > 3 depending on what you used to start the combo) > F > LMB > LMB. If you and your opponent are very capable, then usually the first person to use their hard escape loses. You actually have more defensive options at a range with your Maelstrom 2s Resistance skill (F while spinning), SS, and your Guardian Tempest (Z) than the Destroyer who only has their Searing Strike (C, upper-cut looking resistance skill) and SS.

Tips: Try to save your resistance skills to stop the Destroyers ranged pull, Drag (Z). It's quick, so you'll have to be just as. Similar with Drag, you can use resistance skills or SS to stop Blitz (1) as it also has a low-speed animation. If the Destroyer pops Typhoon (Q, their red spin) try not to use any resistance skills on it; SS out of it and kite away with the movement speed from your Maelstrom Spin. Abuse your Force Grip (4) whenever it gets off CD as it takes the Destroyer out of their spin and creates an opening if they use Retreat on Drain (3).

From these several articles, you may have a some idea about how to win a battle in PVP     mode, I think you should keep your mind clear and have you own plan how to defeat your opponents, don’t lose your faith if you are in trouble, you still have a chance to win. Use your skills reasonable, you will get improved. If you want to buy some Blade and Soul Gold,please find us, we have full stock now.

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