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Reports of the 3rd day of CSGO Sli

Apr 8, 2017 3:29 am
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Then the two sides continue Inferno comeback tradition, Edward and Magicboy UMP45 have played a gun power, each strong comeback, NAVI will be the first opponent into the Economic Bureau, and made the 4:2 lead. Seventh, North wave with pressure Edward and Guardian caught the props of banana road before, after Navi three A attack Zone Success breaking point, but in the last packet by Konfig magicboy a bandit, with 3 killed, North pulled a 4:3. A few times before no pressure after North in the tenth ECO successful comeback, but immediately defensive Navi wave double rack again in Danish A District, Guardian with four North were killed, economic reset. Equipped with uneven North failed to win more points in the first half, but also by the simple took a knife to kill, the first half of the score locked 11:4, Navi lead.
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Happened to North in the second half wave break zone B encounter opponents 4 people to keep A, the bandits quickly occupied the package after CT with marksmanship forced back a number of advantages, but also a hot konfig, Glock and USP to win several guns, with 4 killed, North once again won the pistol round victory. The two sides each other again strong comeback after Navi several times of reason Paul gun save a lot of economic for themselves, and get the first match point, 15:6. But after the Navi distress syndrome match for several times, almost no opponent injury break B, North was to chase the score 15:11. The key moment of Navi or Guardian to stabilize the ground, with the sniper won the first kill, CT rapidly back B, North bag even have no chance to have killed one by one. The final 16:11 victory over North Navi, became the first three wins promotion team.     ксго рулетка

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