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Analysis of Team Formations in FIFA 17

Mar 17, 2017 3:02 am
I have played over 200 games with the formation 4-3-3 and I changed to 4-3-2-1. The following reasons are why I choose 4-3-2-1.

The advantage of 4-3-3 is providing opportunities for wing attacking but the attacking needs most technique of operation and we are not experts. Wing backs and wingers can not cut in and have to make the ball back once arriving the opponent's half field, even though their pace are quitely fast. However, the key for '4' of 4-3-3 is ranges among palyers can be controlled large for technique players.

Wingers are too fast and strikers can not catch up in 4-3-3. Normally, my strikers barely arrived the center circle when my winger dribbled quickly storm into the opponent's half field closed to big box. My players lost much stamina when the opponent's defender encircled with defence on count-attack. My offence didn't work at that time.

And don't mention the cross of my winger at that moment. My players of excellent header skills are two backs who head the balls to score some times. Don't count on my strikers scoring goals.

So I just give up 4-3-3 with abandoning winger's breaking out and giving up speed down cross. I choose on the ground with short pass directly. Find the pace for pass with patience. I would prefer to make the goalkeeper returned rather than getting forward at risk.

Even though I have 60% rate of possession, my players get injuried due to the opponent play tricks with revenge.  cheap fifa 17 coins

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