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Blade and Soul Pets System: How to Acquire and Upgrade Pets

May 22, 2016 7:10 pm
According to the latest news that Blade and Soul patch 2.2 would be released on June 1. Now you can have your very own companion! Pets will follow you around and provide a defensive buff when fed. Along with a wide selection of existing pets, two new exclusive pets are coming to Blade & Soul in North America and Europe: a Griffin and Otter!

Blade and Soul Pets
aren't anywhere close to Summoner's battle companions in terms of power. So basically pets are just a very slight boost to your character and it doesn't make a lot of difference going into battle with or without a pet.

How to Acquire Blade and Soul Pet

Pets can be obtained through dungeon drops, completing achievements, and direct purchase, etc. In Blade&Soul CN/JP, pet is as known as Guardian Stone. We can farm Guardian Stone form Sogun’s Lament 4, and other two new dungeons.

In Blade&Soul CN/JP,Guardian Stone can be obtained by either random in game drop or by buying a Guardian Stone Bag from the Cash Shop (F10). Each Guardian Stone Bag contains a random Guardian Stone.

1 Guardian Stone Bag + 2 Spirit Incense
11 Guardian Stone Bags + 30 Spirit Incense

Blade and Soul Pets Upgrade

In BNA (CN/JP), to upgrade pets need Guardian Enhancement Stone.
Guardian Enhancement Stone can be obtained through conversion of the following items.

Blade and Soul pets system has time limited. When the pets’ time expired you will lose the additional buff. Time can be extended by using “Spirit Incese” which can be acquired through cash shop or by farming. 1 Spirit Incense will extend the time by 1 hour 30 minutes or 1 hours.If you need the help of cheap Blade and Soul gold online, welcome to use coupon code "BNSDPSVIP" enjoy 3% discount in Dpsvip.com!

Here below is the blade and soul perts list of those I managed to find and where they drop:

Rare Pets (not upgradable or tradable):
Ebony Temple Guardian Stone - Altar of Divine Will
Alpine Temple Guardian Stone - Sundered Nexus
Passion Temple Guardian Stone - Cold Storage
Verdant Temple Guardian Stone - Unknown

HP 2950
Heroic Pets (upgradable and tradable):
Incomplete Ghost Guardian Stone - Sogun's Lament
Incomplete Lycan the Mighty's Guardian Stone - Tomb of the Tormented Exile
Incomplete Infernal Guardian Stone - Shattered Mats (?)
Incomplete Yamato Guardian Stone - Ebondrake Cathedral (?)
Incomplete Little Grizzly Guardian Stone - Unknown

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        Pets can be obtained through dungeon drops, completing achievements, and direct purchase, etc. In Blade&Soul CN/JP, pet is as known as Guardian Stone. We can farm Guardian Stone form Sogun’s Lament 4, and other two new dungeons. scary games scary games


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