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The differences between Blade Master and Blade Dancer in BNS.

Apr 7, 2016 12:24 am
When Blade Dancer came out in BNS, I feelconfused of how it is different from Blade Master? Maybe many new players mayhave such confusion for choosing either of them. You can follow this guide toget more knowledge of both of the two classes:

1.They belong to different races
Blade Dancer belongs to Lyn dwarves whichare also called Lyn Blade Master, while Blade Master belongs to Jin and Yun.

2.They have different position
Blade Dancer is a hybrid of Force Master,Destroyer and Blade Master, a combination of attack and crowd control. It isnot good at tanking or effective at solo but Blade Master is in the top 3 withits blocking skill.

3.Skills features
Compared with LBM, BM have a unique blockability which blocks or deflects almost all frontal attacks. BMs are alsoskilled in sustained DPS. LBMs have special phantom grip skill and their blockdepends on 0.5 sec or 400% defense tab. They are good at burst damage but has alow DPS, which means they can only use a set of combo in PVP. After that, youwin or lose. LBMs are heavily depend on lightning draw. However, theirlightning draw has a longer CD than BM and they do a far lower damage than BMduring CD. But their lighting draw and quick draw"LB"attacks do alot more damage than BM.

4.Battle stance
BM has 3 stances: basic stance, draw stanceand summons soulblades.
LBM: basic stance and draw stance.

5.Draw stance switch
Though LBM and BM has draw skill, BM canswitch to draw stance through lightning draw, blindside , ss and divineretribution, LBM only has lightning draw.
I personally like Blade Master more thanBlade Dancer because its higher solo ability, if you feel interested in moredetailed comparison of these two classes, hope this guide can help you.

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