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Guide: The Efficient Way to Feed your Siren Weapon

Mar 2, 2016 5:36 pm
i will share some blade and soul guides frequently, it may be my personal experience or some useful thing i find from other places, the first guide i want to talk about the best efficient way to feed siren weapon or accessories, i read this ar ***, and the details as following: First, the most efficient is Elements, and you may need to pay some soul stones. I advice you can get crit from single crafts than package. Some people hod the opinion that elements are not the best efficient way. They said, Elements always cost more soul stones and bring less. Another way to feed accessories, enlightened accessories which drop form mushin just be a way to bring amount of experience, and they can’t be trade, you must farm them by yourself, you need to do mushin dailies earlier. In addition, it is good to buy volcano off the market works. And to feed weapons, i suggest you can use for big weapons, they are Dokumo,Simyu,Razortusk and Brightstone. Their price are similar in market and they can bring 2 times experience more than cold iron offering, and to get them, you need only cost several silver to buy and infuse. Someone gave his personal experience, he try most options available, and he found the best way to level weapons is farming purple quality weapons and only cost 2 soul stones.

i will give another guide later

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