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Quick basic leveling guide for 1-45

Mar 1, 2016 5:28 pm
After watching the 15 hour leveling guide I made a summary of some key points for getting to level 45 fast. If I missed anything I'm sure someone else will chime in with some insight. Also entire credit goes to Hakurai for an amazing 3 part guide.
Do all quests and side quests for first zone, do most side quests in viridian coast at this point.
Don't forget to do all gathering and crafting quests in jadestone. Throughout leveling always be upgrading your craft and gathering profs
Skip cinderlands side quests that have you running around, do story up until level 25.
Use XP soup and grind vultures dig from level 25 to 31 (2 hours)
Continue story only do kill side quests
Remember to farm breakthrough weapons or buy them from marketplace
Quest up to level 40 remember only kill quests are max efficiency.
To level from 40 to 45 pop a XP soup and grind at misty woods besieged camp try to avoid world bosses

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