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Kung Fu Master--Kung Fu Master PVE Guide

Mar 1, 2016 5:03 pm
My personal experience,(I copy from a website news) i am currently using at level 50 and Hongmoon level 10 with the total of 54 skill points. In addition, I have binded hotkeys of originally Z and V to the one in the screen shot above V and Z. I found counter is an important skill for Kung Fu master to make sure survivability and assuming a role as a tank. It increase or stack up aggro or threat for kung fu master. It make sure survability by resisting damage for 1 second, recovering 3 focus points and healing 2% of total health for 5 seconds after a successful counter. Keep in mind, there is one second of time to counter duration as some bosses’ skill have slow animation and casting time. It will due to counter hacing the cool down of 1.3 s which leaves you vulnerable to attacks for that 0.3seconds. 0.3seconds doesn’t seem much but trust me you’ll get hit more often if you don’t time your counters and instead just spamming it. Counter also serves as an activation skill for other skills like advancing fist(RB) and iron mountain(F).

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