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A Summoner's Skill & Build Guide

Nov 2, 2013 3:07 am

This is my first time writing a guide. I have reached Lv 36 and played around with the spec trees a bit. Here, I will be translating the skills and I will be sharing my most current build. If I can, I will add in other useful tips/stuff as well. I will update this guide from time to time, so do come back and check!

Once more, I would like to thank the mods who organized the giveaway event, so that I have a chance to get a head start and try out my desired class!

Last Update: 4 December 2013

1. Why summoner?

It’s fun and you have a companion to support you in battles! The summoner’s great at crowd control, debuffs and also acting as a support character. With the summoner, I can handle 3 to 5 mobs. Of course, this class might seem difficult to some due to the number of controls you need to handle. You will get the hang of it after a while but I believe it does take some practice to really master this class in both PVE and PVP.

2. List of Skills (Translated from BnS China)

In BNS, you will learn skills automatically as you level. You will complete some tutorial quests (that give you a brief description of the skills) as you proceed. Some skills can only be used after a particular skill is casted, or under certain conditions e.g. when enemy is being dazed, when a party member is down and needs recovery or resurrection, etc. You can view a variety of skill combos at BnS China website here.

You can check the damage of your skills by pressing K. Damage is affected by your character's level and the weapon/equipment you're using. There are specific controls for all skills (they are all nicely categorized in the skills menu) but you can change them via Options by pressing O. Since you do need a certain level of Chinese to mess with the controls, I highly recommend that you stick to the default ones.

Some skills restore your internal energy or 内力, which is represented by the blue orbs you see underneath your hp bar. On the other hand, some skills require internal energy to execute.

2A. Summoner


No CD / Instant cast / 16m range/ Inflicts poison status / At 2nd hit, it is able to decrease the target’s defense by 10%/ restores internal energy (1 orb).

Tripping Roots

Causes a target to fall for 3secs / 8secs CD/ Instant Cast/ 16m range/ Can only be used when target is using block or counter


5 hits/ Lasts for 5 secs/ 9secs CD/ 1.5secs Cast/ all other targets within 3m range of aimed target will also receive dmg / 16m range

Morning Glory

Absorbs life from a single target/ 5 hits/ Lasts for 5 secs/ Restores 5 internal energy orbs/ Instant cast/ No CD/ 16m range/ restores internal energy (5 orbs in total).

Crazy Vines

Roots and damages targets within 4m range of caster/ 24secs CD/ Instant Cast/ requires internal energy (2 orbs).


Absorbs life from a single target/ 9secs CD/ Instant Cast/ within 4x5m range/ requires internal energy (3 orbs).

Flower Petal Storm

Protects you and your party members from distant attacks/ Targets in the casted area will not be able to block or parry/ 18secs CD/ Instant Cast/ within 3m range/ requires internal energy (2 orbs).

Petal Explosion

Single target/ 5 hits/ Lasts for 10 secs/ No CD/ Instant Cast/ Can only be used after Flower Petal Storm is casted.

Dandelion Seed

Holds a dandelion seed when casted. Caster will gain an invisible state when being attacked by a target within 1.5secs/ Invisible state lasts for 6secs/ You gain perks when trigger is successful: restores internal energy (4 orbs) & resets Crazy Vines's CD/ 8secs CD/ Instant Cast/ requires internal energy (1 orb) to cast.


Enhances speed by 50%/ 5 hits/ Lasts for 10secs/ 18secs CD/ Instant Cast/ within 4m range/ Can only be used in invisible state,chains with Dandelion Seed


Switches position with cat when you are hit down by an enemy/Instant/ 50m range


Transfers hp from caster to cat/ transfers 4% of HP in 5 transfers within 5 secs/ No CD/ Instant Cast/ 30m range

Revive Cat

Resurrects cat/ No CD/ 5secs Cast/ Can only be used after cat has died.

2B. Cat

Moe Moe

Decreases down-recovery time for a single target by 6 secs / 1sec CD / Instant Cast/ 30m range / Can only be used when you or your party member is down.

Meow Meow Mi Yeah!

Resurrects a target / when using this skill, you are protected against status effects but defense will be lowered by 100% / 1sec CD/ Instant Cast/ 30m range/ Can only be used when you or your party member has died.

Cat's Sacrifice

Resurrects and restores 50% hp of all party members within casted area/ Cat will be sacrificed/ 15mins CD/ 11secs Cast/ 50m range from caster


Orders cat to guard against all incoming attacks while you are recovering from down-state, preventing you from death state/ No CD/ Instant Cast/ 30m range

Meow Meow Charge

Orders cat to dash towards a target and attacks it/ 2secs CD/ Instant/ 30m range


Cat attacks a single target automatically/ No CD/ Instant/ within 3m range


Orders cat to go into a "cower" position. Cat will recover 2% of hp and all damage to it will be reduced by 90% for 5 secs/ 9secs CD/ Instant.

Summon back

Orders cat to return to caster and deals damage to targets within 3m range of caster/ 30 secs CD/ Instant/ cat needs to be within 30m range of caster to be summoned.

Press Down

Orders cat to climb on to a single target/ Instant/ 18secs CD/ 3m range/ Can only be used when target is in weakened/dazed/down/paralyzed state OR after target uses block or counter


After using Press Down, you can order the cat to scratch a single target/ 2secs CD/ 3m range/ Instant cast.


After using Press Down, you can order the cat to absorb a single target's hp/ 6secs CD/ 3m range/ Instant cast/ Uses up 2 orbs of internal energy.

Mini Hammer Smash

Deals damage to a single target and absorbs a small amount of life / No CD/ Instant Cast/ 5m range/ Can only be used when target is down.

Big Hammer Smash

Deals damage to a single target/ No CD/ 3m range/ Instant Cast/ Uses up 2 orbs of internal energy.

Big Hammer Spin

Cat counters with a big hammer spin and deals damage when being hit down by other enemies/ 12secs CD/ hits all targets within 4m range/ Instant Cast.

Bottom Slash

Orders cat to slash targets, causing knockdown for 3secs/ 18secs CD/ Instant Cast/ hits all targets within a 3m semicircle range


Hits target into the air / No CD/ Instant Cast/ 3m range/ Can only be used when target is dazed or weakened.

Pa~ Pa~ Meow Punch

No CD/ Instant Cast/ 5m range/ can only be used when target is in air, chains with Meow-Star-Punch


Cat will automatically unleash a high damage skill once 5 layers of poison are being stacked on a single target/ 3secs CD/ Instant/ 3m range


Cat will move to the back of a single target after target is bind by Crazy Vines or when it's in frozen state/ No CD/ Instant/ 3m range/ this skill needs to be learned by putting a point on the skill tree

Iron Cat

This skill needs to be learned by putting a point on the skill tree (after learning Backstep). Cat will have an increase in defensive stats (for tanking purposes). It will gain an additional 25% defense towards bosses in Hero-type dungeons.

Killer Cat

This skill needs to be learned by putting a point on the skill tree (after learning Backstep). Cat will have an increase in offensive stats (for pure dps). It will gain an additional 10% defense towards bosses in Hero-type dungeons.

3. Mastery/Spec Trees

You can begin working on your spec trees after you complete Chapter 17 of the story quest. You will gain 1 skill point per level. By training skills down each spec tree, you get improvements such as additional damage, debuffs, etc. Only certain skills can be trained.

Thankfully, you can reset your skill points anytime you need so that you can play around with different builds, depending on the situation. My current build is based on another player's build from BnS CN forum. It works really well for solo-ing and dungeon runs. I will show the essential skills that I spec-ed on. There will be a few extra points left and it's up to you to put them somewhere else.

Build for: Level 36

3A. Main Specs

A. Rose Spec

Explanation: With this spec, your bread and butter skill can hit up to 5 targets with a click! Great for clearing mobs.

B. Wasp

Explanation: With this spec, your Wasp can cause bleed and you can deal extra damage if you manage to stack 5 layers of poison on the target.

C. Morning Glory

Explanation: With this spec, you can move, attack and do whatever you want even after casting Morning Glory! This means you can absorb hp while dealing dps at the same time. Your cat can get some healing too if it's standing close to you as well.

D. Crazy Vines

Explanation: With this spec, you can cast Crazy Vines within 16m range of the target (saves you trouble of going close to the target to cast it). All targets that are bind will lose internal energy so I guess this benefit is ideal for pvp.

E. Flower Petal Storm

Explanation: Get this to give an extra healing effect (20% of hp)! Great for some support.

F. Cower

Explanation: This is a really useful spec to go into! With this, your cat can now stay in this position for 3 more secs and draw aggro to itself. Your cat will serve as a great distraction for bosses and you can attack more freely without getting butchered by them. Note: This will work very well if you spec your cat in the defensive tree (Iron Cat Build).

G. Summon Back

Explanation: With this spec, this skill can now cause knockdown! Really useful when you are mobbed and you need the control.

Extra Tip: If you use Summon Back (spec as above) with Bottom Slash, you can knockdown big bosses in dungeons on your own!

H. Iron Cat

Explanation: You can choose to spec your cat in the offensive/defensive tree. The defensive tree seems to be popular. My cat now has 8k hp as compared to the normal 4k hp before spec-ing it. Its defense is boosted as well, with 1k defense now. Spam Cower when you are solo-ing bosses in dungeons and it can draw aggro and tank for you! (no sweat)

3B. Other Comments

Bottom slash: There is a debate on BnS CN forum about spec-ing this. I did not spec it at all since it only increases down time by 1 sec. The bomb is too cumbersome to use too.

Summoner's Absorb: I tried spec-ing it on the right hand tree to change it into a dps vine skill. But I realized leaving it alone is a lot better. The hp absorption (combined with Morning Glory) can save you out of a pinch when you are losing hp in dungeons. On the other hand, the left hand tree is not so much worth spec-ing on at the moment. It gives you only a little bit more hp absorption when using it against enemies under certain conditions e.g. dazed, weakened.

4. Equipment & Other Tips

I will be sharing some of my leveling experience here. You don't have to follow this strictly. Work out what is best for you! There are many ways to get your equipment: farming wild bosses, buying from auction house, getting equipment from mob drops/chests.

From Lv 1 to 10:

Just follow the main and side quests. You will get some basic equipment as you clear certain quests. Pretty straightforward and simple.

From Lv 10 to 20:

When you are at about Lv 10 to 15, you should be questing at this cemetery/undead forest area (月影墓地). There, you can start farming for essences from the wild boss, and spin the "wheel of fortune" with the essences you got. Do press f to collect your prizes immediately after it stops spinning! You can get a Bo-Pae Set and a weapon 千魂法杖 (Purple Level), which should last you pretty long. I do encourage enhancing the weapon to at least Lv 5. You should keep this weapon if you intend to forge one of the more powerful weapons in the game later. Check out Aspenach's weapon feeding map (see link below) for your easy reference!

Go face the wild boss here (Don't worry about getting a party, everyone gets something as long as you land a hit on it. You can get up to 4 essences at one time if you deal the most damage to it).

Spin the "wheel of fortune". What you get is random (Bo-Pae pieces, weapon boxes, costumes) so you might need to spend some time to get everything that you need.

From Lv 20 to 30:

You should have collected a number of exchange stones from quests/instances/chests by now. Go to the exchange vendor at 绿明村 and you can use them to exchange for an even better Bo-Pae Set, weapon and accessory. You will notice that you will also get more useful equipment such as the 妖魔法杖 (enhance it to Lv 5 or more) while questing in this area as well.

The exchange vendor at 绿明村 (Standing beside a daily quest board):

Use your stones to exchange for Bo-Pae & other stuff:

From Lv 30 to 36:

By now, you should have enhanced your weapon to the stage of 极限妖魔武器. You will have reached 土门客栈 in 大漠. You can get better Bo-Pae here by exchanging your 大漠 stones at the exchange vendor. It has Lv 36 Bo-Pae as well.

You can find the exchange vendor here:

Use your stones to exchange for Bo-Pae & other stuff:

Best Equipment at Lv 36 Cap:

You will need to travel to 五彩岩岛 and do 4-men or 6-men dungeon runs at 红莲墓地. If you complete ALL your story quests, you will eventually unlock a daily quest for this dungeon. You need to complete this dungeon at least once to obtain a weapon that is required for a breakthrough to 卓越炎煌武器 and random Bo-Pae pieces from drops or chests. The Bo-Pae set here is the best at Lv 36 Cap.

Find 红莲墓地 here (see circle):

Other tips:

When you have time, do your daily quests. You can earn some gold, extra experience and sell the extra loots in auction house or to the npc.

Look out for a daily quest board and pick up all the daily quests in the nearby area at one go!

Or simply press M and check your the blue quest markers (with an infinity sign).

You can also earn gold from crafting/collecting materials. I chose to sign contracts with the blacksmith (铁匠坊) and accessory (治金庄) associations. Green weapons/accessories are hot sells on the auction house!

Remember to convert your remaining fatigue points to double experience points when you are logging out for a long time. It will help you a lot when you come back again to continue leveling!

Click the purple dragon-like icon at the bottom of the screen to convert!

Other useful guides you should check out:

Check out Aspenach’s guides:


Basic enhancement guide & Weapon feeding map

Do make a comment if I make any mistakes. For those who have questions, I will try to answer if I can! Veterans are also encouraged to share their experience. :)

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Nov 2, 2013 6:59 am
Oh yay~!

Thanks for making this guide

I wanna play as a summoner when OBT comes, and still confused with the skills' description

Your guide/translation here surely will be useful for me

Thank's a lot, lazypudding. Keep up the good work~

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    Nov 2, 2013 8:26 pm
    Wow this is very nice, i hope someone make one for the assassin.

    Nov 5, 2013 12:38 am
    Thanks guys! It's still in the progress though.

    I'm pretty busy this week. Hopefully I can do another edit soon.

    Nov 5, 2013 1:27 am
    Reply 3#  thelazypudding

    take your time :D

    oh yeah, i have a question. I know that the mastery tree can be resetted anytime, but what about the skills?
    Can we reset them too? Or maybe player will get all those skills automatically?

    Gosh, I need to dig up more informations to prepare for the OBT   (although, it's better if I can pratice immediately ).

    Nov 5, 2013 4:18 pm
    Reply 4#  ichiyayuka

    You get your skills automatically as you level.

    So you don't need to reset them. :)

    Nov 5, 2013 7:08 pm
    Reply 5#  thelazypudding

    That's awesome

    Thanks for the answer

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      Nov 10, 2013 8:57 am
      Thanks for guide! I will create a Summoner first, so your guide will help me

      (And your character is so cute! )

      Nov 11, 2013 8:16 pm
      Reply 0#  thelazypudding

      can you tell me what is this that i get after logging into the launcher? and what to do? thanks

      Nov 11, 2013 10:51 pm
      Reply 8#  rawasa

      Hey Rawasa!

      Please post other client-related issues here: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/33/20131029/Issues_When_You_Entering_into_BnS_4th_CBT_Client_Collection-52707786bd2d67313-1.html

      Someone has posted a similar screenshot in that thread. And I have translated the dialogue over there. Please check it out.

      Nov 11, 2013 10:52 pm
      Reply 7#  Kettoplazma

      Thanks and no problem!

      Lyns are always cute. <3

      Nov 24, 2013 10:53 pm
      Guide is complete, as of the moment.

      Added all skills and my current build. :)

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        Nov 30, 2013 6:17 pm
        which Bo Phae did you recommend for a summoner?

        Dec 1, 2013 1:53 pm
        Omg, thank you so much for posting this, you saved me so much time

        Dec 4, 2013 3:21 am
        Reply 12#  186.*.*.142

        As far as I know, there is no specific set for each class. So you will end up using pretty much the same Bo Pae no matter what class you use.

        Basic rule of thumb:

        Get a crit set for maximum dps in PVE

        Get a defensive set for PVP

        Dec 7, 2013 4:48 am
        Tell you what, i have now played every class, and the summoner is one of my favorite, and thanks to your build i love it even more now.


        Dec 7, 2013 9:18 pm
        Hi, I'm a summoner soon to be lv20. Should I go for full crit bopae set or the one you recommended trading at 绿明村 using green stone?

        I thought crit is the most important in pve, right?

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          Dec 17, 2013 5:38 pm
          hey, i wanna know if you will update this guide to 45 cap. Thx

          Dec 17, 2013 10:55 pm
          Reply 16#  180.*.*.241

          You can't find a good crit set at that level. But eventually when you reach near cap level, you can go for a crit set.

          Dec 17, 2013 10:57 pm
          Reply 17#  187.*.*.81

          I am still looking for a good Lv 45 skill build.

          But the Lv 36 build I recommended in my guide pretty much makes up the bulk of the build. For the points you get from 37 to 45, you can add to other skills you find useful.


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