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Main Characters in Blade & Soul -- Part I

Jun 6, 2012 1:21 am
Not so much news about B&S recently, so today I'm going to give you the introduction of the main characters in B&S since I haven't seen any posts about this. Players who are interested in this game and haven't tried can get to know more about B&S. Forgive me if there's any mistakes or strange parts, I translate this from Chinese and the characters names are provisional.

[Hung Shigen]

      He is the teacher of the protagonist, with the appearance of Lynn. Hung can turn into the Kun when he is in a fight. Known as the NO.1 Super Qigong envoy, Hung didn't have a comfortable fate and died at the beginning of the game. He has an unhappy past with Qin Xiyan.

[Qin Xiyan]

      Leader of the Wind Empire, Qin is the central figure in all the events. Contaminated by the evil in ghost city, she almost became a monster, but finally rescued Fayer. The open story only gives these information about her, we can unveil her secret in the upcoming OBT. A character with complex past, what kind of ending will she have?


      This character is not so different from other roles yet specially emphasized in the game.This role has the three elements known as 'Lyn BUFF' + 'Beginner' s Guide 1:1 personal guidance' + 'evoked sympathy'. Players can get a lot of help from this foam-type role.

[Nan Surou]

      A typical wealthy beauty in Blade&soul. Nan doesn't want to be the wife of a villager and she seduces the the fleet commanderYin Guangyi. She is the girl caused an unrest, and she is the queen of the Wind Empire in Qin Xiyan's eyes. After all these story, we can definitely say she is not an ordinary character.

[Yin Guangyi]

      Although he is a the fleet commander, Yin doesn't have much idea about his own life. He gave his command and everything to Nan and left himself to be an ignoble role. A poor role in the story that happened, but it is quite possible to see his re-appearance in later stage.

Five characters today, if you are interested, I'll give you more informations about other characters.

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