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Where to download Blade & Soul?

Dec 3, 2011 7:34 am
http://bns.atomixro.com/    <------ go here and resgtor and download  and have fun it is in closebeta 2 but it for all ppls i play it and i live in the u.s

and it is fun and they r working out all the bug's SO IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SO BAD come and play muheheheheh this is not a joke hope to see you there my assission is LadyWolve ^_~

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Dec 5, 2011 3:43 am
hi if i try to register on atomixro. the admin banned every try my email, but why Oo?

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    Dec 5, 2011 4:35 am
    idk hmmm i use gmail what email did you use it may not take it or something hmm try a nothing email ^_^

    Dec 5, 2011 4:37 am
    try a nother email idk y it did that to you O_O i use gmail and it work good

    Dec 5, 2011 11:32 pm
    NCSOFT don`t release it always developing ..its better don`t run it ^,..,^ its really bad for people who waits..

    Dec 9, 2011 7:12 am
    i use gmx what is gmail ???

    Dec 12, 2011 1:21 am

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      Dec 12, 2011 7:12 pm

      Can someone help me signing up for Atomix forum? For some reason when I try to sign up it tells me
      "An error has occurred Guest. The Admin does not allow registrations behind proxy servers."

      I've turned off my proxy and I've tried different browsers. I see many people with this problem but no one has ever replied with a solution, anyone of any ideas?

      Dec 17, 2011 1:52 am
      thats not for pc tho

      Dec 23, 2011 6:31 pm
      WAAWAWAWAWAWA its almost 2012 and nothing yet :c

      Dec 24, 2011 1:44 pm
      At the web site thats called Bns.outomix.com dont no how to download it

      Dec 24, 2011 2:37 pm
      How do u download it

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        Jan 2, 2012 6:16 pm
        Bullshiz game. been couple of years and still nothing. i say give it up. since they want to lose customers (players) then so be it.

        Jan 3, 2012 10:12 am
        So we can download this game now?

        Jan 4, 2012 5:51 am
        [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/33/20100102/Where_to_download_Blade_Soul-4da8269c7b93c6313-1.html#p4da8269f26845a]18#[/url] [i]Lburn[/i][/b] [br] [br]ny

        Jan 6, 2012 5:48 pm
        [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/33/20100102/Where_to_download_Blade_Soul-4da8269c7b93c6313-1.html#p4da8269f21dd74]16#[/url] [i]wsad[/i][/b] [br] [br]
        in Philippines ?

        Jan 9, 2012 6:34 pm
        [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/33/20100102/Where_to_download_Blade_Soul-4da8269c7b93c6313-1.html#p4da8269f288b9c]19#[/url] [i]Ligonele[/i][/b] [br] [br]thats the beta its soposed to come out this year

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          Jan 13, 2012 5:56 pm
          can someone create me an account? i got the "you got banned" screen <.<

          Jan 15, 2012 11:54 pm
          is there currently a beta..... i cant find one

          Jan 19, 2012 12:15 am
          Atomix Blade & Soul is a great choice for someone who want to try B&S, but remember it still has so many bugs in game. Actually when u reach lvl15, you can't pass the quest and you won't be able to gain new skills(Training Skills) after that.


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