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Where to download Blade & Soul?

Aug 31, 2011 12:23 am
hey , the blade and soul korean cbt2 starts. i have accounts that can access the 1st Sep and 3rd Sep. do you need ? just contact my msn or icq if you are interested. good price , fast delivery /

msn:suppliers@3 z o o m.com (delete the space)

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Sep 4, 2011 7:02 pm
[b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/33/20100102/Where_to_download_Blade_Soul-4da8269c7b93c6313-1.html#p4da8269f288b9c]19#[/url] [i]Ligonele[/i][/b] [br] [br]
that video says it isn't viewable in the us? ( this country )

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    Sep 4, 2011 8:24 pm
    Well, if i read your question correctly then let me answer.

    The game is still under development even though its already in its CB, but when OB starts it will most likely be on the Official B&S Korean site.
    As for the NA or English version, that will have to come later on.

    I think you can download the game on the Korean site now, since its in CB but thats about it -.-


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    Sep 10, 2011 1:19 pm
    aaahhh wa8ing for this game, I WANT TO PLAY IT VERY BADLY, please if any1 know where is going obt please say it, i want to know

    Sep 11, 2011 2:13 pm

    xD meh idk where we can downl. the game xD and it will be awesome xD

    Sep 16, 2011 12:37 am
    Well, some say it's already out, but others say and i saw it too dat it will come out 2012. But as we can all see, gameplays are already everywhere.. weird :D. but still wanna play![SMILE=25]

    Sep 16, 2011 1:26 am
    Second Test has finished, it seems can not download client so far, when next test begins, it could be available, this is their official website: http://bns.plaync.co.kr/  we need to download the client from the website I think.

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      Sep 17, 2011 9:32 am
      wat is the link to download the game???

      Oct 4, 2011 3:31 pm
      i think would be great game.if anyone find the site link it plz

      Oct 11, 2011 9:06 am
      NCsoft made an announcement about Blade & Soul's OBT date at a recent conference. Jae-Sung Lee, NCsoft's director, said "This year top quality MMORPG's will rule the market. Games like TERA, ArchAge and Blade & Soul will stand in the forefront." he then proceeded to talk about Blade & Soul's OBT saying "Blade & Soul will definitely have its OBT this year.”

      With NCsoft's previous push back in mind many feared that Blade & Soul's OBT wouldn’t happen this year, but after Jae-Sung Lee said “It will definitely happen.” at this recent conference, all the worries seemed to fade away.

      Orginal from:

      Oct 11, 2011 11:57 am
      [SMILE=24]It's still on CB...
      But i went to the site and translated it, they are still on CB
      but they didn't even metioned OB tests....

      Oct 12, 2011 9:45 am
      DUDE!! its 10/12/11 (<--- haha :P) and its still not out!!! There has to be a download somewhere!!!!!

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        Oct 13, 2011 7:54 am

        Oct 27, 2011 1:50 pm
        lol i don't think it's gonna come out in us for pc. i hope it does, but i heard that they are gonna make it out for the smart phone in 2012.

        Oct 28, 2011 3:57 pm
        Hey its already 10/29 why it doesnt come out yet!! whew tired of waiting

        Nov 4, 2011 1:47 pm
        Mmmmm   I will have to look for the is game

        Nov 7, 2011 8:18 am
        Any updates for the game DL?

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          Nov 23, 2011 1:18 am
          Hope OBT will be out soon :) really waiting for this game hope it will be out in SEA English version ^^

          Dec 3, 2011 4:52 am
          Its 12/3/11 and game still hasn't came out >.<

          Dec 3, 2011 7:25 am
          if you all want to play so bad here is a private server of it it may have alot of bug but it is close beta 2 and it is fun come and play it



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