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OMG! Black Desert CN Server to be Published by Snail Games

Jun 21, 2017 12:09 am
The sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Online is not new to western gamers, but we Chinese players are quite excited about its coming. Now the news is finally confirmed that Snail Games will publish the game in China with a teaser website for signup.

I've been following the game for a long time, the world setting, character customization, combat system are all attracting me a lot. Now the thing I eager to know is not how the localization will be but the business mode. As I know, the KR server is adopting Free to Play+cash shop mode, yet NA/EU server is adopting Pay to Play mode.

Personally I understand F2P will gather more players to the game, but the cash shop is easily turned to be the thing that make a game Pay to Win. Does it mean that P2P may be a better choice? Snail Games has lots of self-developed good games like Age of Wushu, Taichi Panda, Dark and Light. They are also publishing Ark: Survival Evolved in China, most of their games are free to play.

Come on guys, let me know what BDO CN server may be in your eyes, cheers!

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Jun 23, 2017 9:01 am
The game on EU servers is kinda P2W, I depends what is your main perspective on MMO genre in general. There are not any games that I know which would not have P2W services, not depending if they are legal or not. Game is having great combat system, which makes the Grindy part in game easier. I personally like the game and even when I realize that the p2w aspect of the game is there. But my perspective of mmo genre is that is nearly impossible to make the game completely not p2w (unless devs take away trading, make all items account bound and make real money shop items unsellable on trading post) BDO is a good game for 2k17 mmo industry. However, it will be up to each person whether they like it or hate it.

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    Jun 25, 2017 12:35 am
    Reply 1#  Druggar

    I agree, just kinda wish pearl items were easier to get, it's almost impossible to buy anything from the marketplace as they get sold right away lol

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